Saturday, 5 August 2017


Yes it's already time to share those wonderful doll shelf photos, so we can see what dolls have been wearing, doing or hanging for this month.
I always put the photos in , in the order they are received.

 First up is Rosie's photo of her Minions ! I just love this photo, Rosie designed and knitted these outfits based on the films.

Ursula's girls are wearing some pretty dresses ready to hit the shops  for another purchase or two!

Their new sister says she's staying by the computer in case someone decides to sell a Frances Trickett  outfit and she can snap it up!

On Karin's shelf is this wonderful new birthday girl called Sophie, she loves to practice her ballet!

Then when she's finished she puts on her trendy 60's looking dress to go disco!!

This month Ginger's Studio dolls insisted it was their turn to say hi to everyone, so here they are.
From the left Markus, Brigitte, Edith, Bonnie, Anita, Joanie, Marie, Ben and Gwennie . What a wonderful shelf this is!

Jane's two girls are marking time waiting for Mum to clock them and take them back home from granny's house! They've been waiting just a few minutes but it seems like hours... :)

Hattie? No? Holly Liz's girl who could be Hattie's twin, she's even got the same dress!

Here's Hattie so you can compare ! did Hattie have a twin?....

It's almost uncanny!

Holly's brothers are not to sure they'd want someone as strong willed as Hattie in the house !

Where as her sisters are thinking... free hats !

and her other sisters are wondering if Holly's Hattie's sister will they get to meet Helena Bonham Carter! and would they want to?

Mary and Callie found this Emma Bridgewater pie dish and wanted their photo taken with it for the doll shelf! Said something about Simples would like it?

Callie wandered off but Millie and Constance O joined Mary for another photo.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos for this months doll shelves. there is still time to have your photos added. I have a couple more I'll add later.



  1. What a huge variety of shelf Sasha dolls today. Rather spoilt for choice and a case of something for everyone.
    Loving those two little Minion baby knits.Don't they look sweet.

    PS. Good display too of your Emma Bridgewater pottery showing her various patterns and designs. Do you have a favourite design here?

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Those Minion outfits are adorable! How do I send a photo for next time? Jane x

  3. Such great variety again. So Hattie has a twin - who'd have guessed.
    Loving the clocks in Granny's house but I hope those girls have ear plugs for when the hour strikes!!!

  4. First up, a huge thank you to everyone who shared their delightful vinyl children for all to enjoy this month.
    Rosie, you are a genius.....I am a great minion fan!! Please can you make some hats for my toddlers...
    And finally...Dee I am loving the hearts dish... I have one in the wall flower design...but not as 'totally gorgeous ' as yours <3

    1. No prob. How many hats how many eyes. Email me!

    2. Oh Fab! Thanks Rosie....have just emailed you xx

  5. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful photos! Those minion outfits are adorable, and Karin's new ballerina is so lovely. If Holly pins up her hair under a hat, she and Hattie could get up to all kinds of mischief in the vein of "The Parent Trap"

  6. What a sumptuous feast of doll shelf photos this month. I love the minion outfits (and so does Dmd), Hattie having a twin who even borrows her dresses is funny, Ginger's studio dolls all lined up together are amazing and every one of the others are lovely too. I cannot contribute a doll shelf photo this time, our Sasha doll shelf is untidy and depleted at the moment as some are sitting waiting patiently in our carry on luggage as we wait for our connecting flight home from our wonderful 18 days in the USA, back to work for me to tomorrow (not looking forward to the jetlag).

  7. All wonderful shelf photos and a big thank you to everyone that sent one in. Thanks Dee for posting them! 😊 xxx

    p.s. Safe travels DollMum to you and your family. ❤️