Saturday 19 August 2017


Because there are so many dolls now living in the village and of many different sizes, I'm always looking at chairs! well not just chairs ;)

So when I saw these for sale, I knew that they'd be a little big for the Sasha's but a good size for the other dolls living here. They are from the forty's or fifties.

The Settle did have a little damage but nothing that cannot be fixed. So I bid on them and noone else did! So here they are. They arrived Friday.

The settle has a break on a joint on the back, which looks like it's been glued at some point then come apart again.

Zak tries the chair out for size , while Percy checks the damage.

"It's a clean enough break " says Percy " I'll easily be able to just clean out that old glue and re stick it! "

"A couple of cramps at the ends to pull it together and it will be fine " mutters Percy.

The boys wander off to find Dad and get permission to use the glue and the tools.

Looks like Elfine's found the new chairs and is trying them out!

A good size for her.

Now she's trying out the settle.

I do believe you could get two girls on there if Elfine moved her legs!

Indoors Elfine prefers the chair, so I get a chance to try two dolls on the settle.

These are going to be great for the bigger dolls, like these BJD's.

Once Percy's repaired the settle , I need to decide whether to rub it down and give it a couple of coats of paint. Maybe a nice old cream?  and I'm thinking  painted or not, I'll make a slim cushion for the seats and the backs.

All opinions welcome  : )



  1. Love the new chairs - perfect size for your Elfine and co. Yes a seat cushion would make them more comfortable to sit on but it would be a shame to hide the backs with a standing up cushion.

    1. I thought a very slim seat cushion would help, I'm surprised how the back works so well, I thought the dolls might slip through the bars but they are placed well and do support them.:)

  2. Great prop finds can never have too many chairs this size for the BJD's. And although a seat cushion would look lovely it will raise the height of the seat very slightly so the girls legs will dangle. So I am opting for the scatter cushion idea....and scatter cushions help prop a doll up in the chair too.
    And because they take hardly any fabric they are great fabric stash busters too for all those small scraps you are saving to be used 'one day'!

    1. Thanks, I agree with this many dolls , it's chairs chairs chairs! lol
      The scatter cushion may be the way to go, so the back can still be seen and it will help support the dolls.
      Since the dolls are meant to be quite young, their feet would probably not reach the ground if they are sitting back :)
      I'm all for using up some small fabric pieces , mind you most of my fabric's being saved to use .. one day... :))

  3. Great chairs! They would look nice painted, but they also look good in their natural finish too. There's something called chalk paint that seems to be very popular right now, but I've never tried it. Perhaps a very thin cushion would work. Percy is certainly a handy lad to have around the house!

    1. Thanks. That's my dilemma They would look nice painted and do look nice natural! But I do fancy changing the colour and adding some cushions. I've seen the chalk paint does look nice and 'old', I may investigate...
      Percy is very handy, saves his Dad a few jobs :)

  4. You find some wonderful things!!! It's a good job you have Percy; he's clearly a very handy little chap. I'm sure he'll have that settle fixed up in no time. I love Elfine's purple boots! :) xx

    1. I am on a roll at the moment :) Percy is a chip off the old block ;), he's very help and loves making or mending things.
      Elfine's boots were meant for the Sasha's but were too slim in the leg, suit and fit Elfine much better :)xx

  5. Oooh! Fabulous dual-purpose furniture that can be used indoors or out. Perhaps as Steve suggests, a seet cushion would look good and I think young Hattie might have the skills for that job, once the carpenter aprentice, Percy has made good the minor damage to the woodwork
    True to form, Zak and Elfine to try the seating and take a rest whilst Percy's mind is working on practical issues. Percy is just like his mentor, Mr. Dad!

    1. Exactly Jen, we love a bit of dual purpose :) I'm getting Hattie on the cushion case as soon as Percy finishes.
      Percy's gone pink and come over all silly and pleased that you have said his like his Dad :)

  6. Another great seating find and don't your BJDs and your Schoenhut look just perfect sitting there? Elfine looks almost glamorous lounging on the settee! Having joints is a great advantage. I like painted furniture so that would be my vote. I also like painted furniture that has been lightly sanded to show the underlying stain, a more primitive look. I would yes to cushions too. Looks like I putting you to work!! 😊 xxx

    *Kudos to Percy for taking charge of the repair!*

    1. It does look like it will suit all the dolls living in the village :)
      Having joints is so handy :)
      I agree with all your likes :) So I think I'll look for some suitable paint and then once a colours been decided get Hattie to look out the perfect fabric to match, once Percy lets us near it! :)

      Percy loves a nice repair job ;) xx

  7. Great chairs and I really like your BJDs, but the washing machine is fantastic - exactly how I remember ours - and then the excitement a few years later when we got a twin tub!!