Thursday, 10 August 2017


And I hope you like too!
Ain't no rules, ain't no vow
You can do it anyhow!

( sorry Bob could not resist! )

Yes Props are IN ! in the village at present, it seems that there are wondrous things to be found out there in big wide web!

So here is another prop that arrived this week...

Libby and Toby decided to  show you the new prop and Alfie decided he join in to!

It's an old Triang tip cart and a great size for the Sasha's.

The back where Libby is comes off, so that you could load it up with goods.

I think they will have great fun with this cart.

It also works well with my Zwergnase dolls.

Joe here can pull it along empty I'm not too sure he'd manage a full load!

Looking very much the barrow boy!

Joe's cap came as part of a Sasha outfit but I think it suits him better! So another great find for the prop stock and yes there is more to come... I said it's been a wondrous time for props.... :)
Watch this prop.. I mean spot!



  1. How do you find these things, Dee? It's a wonderful prop, and very handy too. Now the kids can all help you haul bricks for the folly :-)

    1. That is the only reason Dee has bought it get her Village kids to do all the hard work building the folly.....while she sits back and takes all the credit :)

    2. Steve , I've had a lucky run this week and just jumped in. That's a good idea about helping move the bricks . if they start now we could have a dozen down there by Sunday! :)

    3. Hi Simples, well I was taught by an Icy woman.... :))

  2. What a sweet little thing!! My brother had a little wooden cart and he used to pull his wooden bricks around in it :) x

    1. I can just see a child having fun with this carting things around and opening the back and letting it all out! :) x

  3. A fantastic cart Dee. Perfect for your Sashas and for Joe too. Your garden looks lovely. 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, I'm so happy to have it :) That part of the gardens doing very well :) xx