Sunday 6 August 2017


"Good Morning world it's a brand new day.... " as the song goes ,all though yes It is afternoon ! But I did plan on posting this earlier but got delayed having to spend that time removing bricks from the boot of the car!

But it's Sunday and the sun is shinning, the weather is warm and not too hot and there is a slight breeze......what more could one ask for!..

Work is continuing on the base for the folly. we are now up to the filling up part! So another couple of trips out this afternoon to get multi bags of  ballast with which to do the job!

On the doll front I bought this beautiful wooden table from a seller a few weeks back, took him ages to sent it, I think he makes them when they are bought!
I just love it , it's 8 and a half inches high the perfect size......BUT ... what I did not consider is that although the table is that size the size panel below table edge reduces the 'leg' chair room down to 6 n 1/4 inches!! which is roughly the size of the seat of the chairs I found that same week! So a doll would not be able to get their legs under the table!

But it's not a big deal as I will keep my eyes peeled for a small chair or maybe a bench stair seat plus It's a great side to use at the side of a room setting, so I am still very pleased with my purchase.

I've also purchased a couple of other doll props this week but more on them one they arrive!

I finished and put together one of my BJD dolls , here is her before and after phtotos.


nearly finished

Not perfect but I do believe it's an improvement! I have enjoyed painting these dolls heads and am about to remove the paint on one I thought was not too bad but can now see it's mouth is all wrong.

So I will be selling some things on my sales page , the Sasha bazaar on fb and then finally Ebay later today as I need to fund the No Navel girl who is waiting to come home.

So please check out the sales page later. Now I'm off to buy 10 to 20 bags of ballast plus cement with Paul.
Have a great week remember to enjoy your dolls.

PS I thought I'd share another sneaky peek at some of the stonework waiting to be put into the folly...



  1. Today is cold, windy and wet here, but hey! The doll face painting is wonderful! I was looking at some Sasha pictures on Google of dolls with repainted 'human' eyes by an artist called AllegroMelody. How different they look!! Quite striking :) x

    1. Thank you, I'm quite enjoying learning how to do it!
      Melody used to sell Sasha with the large painted eyes. x

  2. Very exciting seeing the construction photos! It's really becoming a reality. I know that it represents a lot of hard work, not the least of which is hauling all of the supplies. I like the new table. It would make a great writing desk, and standing at one's desk is a big thing now. All of the desks at my office have controls that raise them to standing height.

    1. I know look like it actually could happen! I thought it would be a nice writing table,I know that they have these desks that rise up now so you can spend some of the day on your feet which is supposed to be good for you!

      I have to stand a lot at work now, I prefer the 'desk' job! lol

  3. Our weather here sounds the same as yours Dee! A very lovely day and I am outdoors enjoying it. Your construction is progressing nicely and I love that little table. Definitely worth the wait! I also admire your painting and work with the BJDs and think it is wonderful to have that ability. Kudos to you and have a great week! 😊 xxx

    1. It's nice getting that little extra day of sunshine ;) Yes the construction is coming along.
      I need to practice but I'm enjoying having a go at the painting. I hope you have a great week too! :) xx

  4. This Folly building sounds like strength is needed as well as hard manual labour but it's looking like it is now underway with some good solid foundations!
    The table height will be good for standing Sashas as you already have a 'sitting down' to table.
    You've much more courage and achievement with the doll painting than I have. So congratulations and well done you.

    1. It does require both but it will soon be up to the interesting part.. the brick laying !
      The table i do like and look forward to using in my shoots.
      I've always liked painting so thought it was worth a try :)

  5. I second that! Well done you clever old girl!! Notice I added the word 'old' :)

    1. Why thanks Simples and yes I noticed that your Ancient self had called me old.... :))