Sunday, 27 August 2017


Most unusually for an English bank holiday weekend the weather is superb ! :)  Now I know this next sentence will be controversial but.. it's too hot! there I said it  :) It's okay for you people who just walk out into the sun and turn mahogany without so much as a by your leave but us true English roses only have to see the sun to break out in a heat rash and have to retire to  the shadiest spot we can find!

But from that deep dark shade looking out into the world, we do enjoy the fact that it is lovely and warm, not hot we don't DO hot!, and that everyone is enjoying the weather.

However it is too hot to work in building folly walls, as i keep telling Paul. But if it shades over , like yesterday he's out there adding a few more brick when the sun returns to bake him! This is really a job for early mornings or early evenings , when the sun's still out but not trying to turn you into a melted heap!

Yesterday Paul managed to get a few rows down but we were having friends over to dinner so had to stop to get ready.

Today he's been back out and as got more stones and bricks down but it's too hot to continue as it's in a very sunny spot in the garden so dries the cement out quite quickly.

Now if you are wondering why there is a piece of decking up the side of the corners it's Paul very clever way of keeping the rows level. because you have stone blocks in the corners you cannot put your line between each row of bricks to work against. So Paul notched some cuts into the edge of the decking at 3 inch spacing's enabling him to keep the rows of bricks straight!

Meanwhile on the doll front my beautiful no navel girl arrived and names have been offered .

and I quite liked Sienna and also Saffron but in the end I settled for Saffron because she can be called Saffy .One of our cats is Saffron, Saffy for short but since I won't be calling this Saffron's name down the garden we should be okay!

I'm saving the name Sienna for my blonde yellowed eyed girl who will be arriving soon.

Also I have started to work on poor Edward.

The Schoenhut waif  who was offered up for spare parts but I decided to save. I spend an hour using fine glasspaper to get the old paint off his face.

Still some more paint to remove but I am being careful to not remove his eye paint. I think unless the eye paint is damaged it should always be left. I should have wiped the paint dust off before the photo but nevermind , I'll take another few once all the paints been removed.
I'd best sort him out a wig as hopefully he'll soon be as good as new and ready to become a full happy member of the Sasha village family.

I have also almost caught up with the doll and bear alphabet challenge and this was my entry for T.

T is for Tea Time

I want Coffee
You'll have tea!
That's not Fair!
It is to me
Pass two scones
One will do!
Not it won't cos I want two!
Don't be greedy
I am not!
Yes you are you'd scoff the lot
Chocolate cake?
Chelsea bun?
Tea with you is not much fun
Eat your scone and stop that face
No I won't... my belly aches
That's because you did not pause
Did so mummy!
Before you scoffed that iced bunny
I feel sick
I'm not surprised at wolfing down you'd win the prize
Oh It hurts I don't feel good
I'll kiss it better then It should
Thank you Mummy I'm feeling fine!
I'm very pleased
Is that scone mine?


The second of the photos with this entry.

The garden is growing well 

The banana's I think are planning a takeover! They are getting so big!

A busy week ahead as usual after a bank holiday plus the children will all be going back to school soon.
I have lots of things going on over the next few weeks so will be posting when I can. So due to this I have decided to move the Doll shelf day forward to this Friday the 1 st September which will be I won't forget to do it! She says.. 

So if you'd like to take part please send you photos in and I'll get them all ready to share on the first.

Hoping you all have a great week ahead.

Dee x


So reminder Doll shelf photos by the 1st of September please.


  1. Gosh! This is a full to busting blog post. Not to sure just where to begin.
    I might have been tempted to have a Folly Dinner Party where the guests are invited to come dressed ready for working and place and cement a brick or two in-between courses. Rather like they have house painting get-togethers!
    That way YOU wouldn't have had stop early to come in to get washed and the Folly would get to be a little more nearer to the finish target.
    Pleased to see that one of my name choices (Sienna) is to be used for the next doll arrival as I'm 'rubbish' at naming my own Sasha girls though ok with the Gregors and babies. I think that the sheer number of girls put me off.

    Edward's looking much better for your TLC treatment.
    Gardens looking lush.
    Paul's not just a pretty face then with this latest invention to keep the Folly's bricks on the level.
    Saffron/Saffy is from where I thought that she was ( you can kind of thank me that you have her but will say no more!)
    Great T offering. Always love your rhymes/poems especially as I'm 'rubbish' at it!

    1. I'm liking that idea about a folly dinner party especially as Tom is a builder! He'd have had it finished by the dessert course!

      Sienna should be here very soon , I'm sure she'll love knowing Lady K thought of a name for her.
      I'm so pleased how Edward is beginning to emerge from under the bad paint.
      Pauls always been more than a pretty face .. Lol
      She probably is 😉
      Thank you

  2. Do I get a prize for naming Saffron/Saffy... I was thinking I could have a rummage through your Emma Bridgewater and choose a piece :) She is a lovely girl...looking forward to seeing Sienna.
    Good work on Edward can't wait to see the final result poor little lad ! Garden is looking good too...all that hard work is paying off!

    1. Why of course.... NOT ! 😜 No one rummages through my EB except me ! 🤔
      Thank you Edward is such a little sweetheart under that paint.
      Will be glad when it's all finished and tidied up, so I can see it 😀

  3. What a fabulous post! Your poetry is amazing!! That poor dolly really looks like she has a tummy ache :( The folly's really taking shape now! It's getting really exciting. I think Saffron is a lovely name. Love to poor Edward; he'll look so good when you finished with him and be so happy that you saved him from being taken apart for spare parts :) Jane x

    1. Thank you! You are too kind , it's just something I enjoy doing. She's does ,doesn't she!
      It is , I'm so enjoying seeing it take shape and rise up! Paul is working well 😃
      I'm happy I saved poor Edward too! Xx

  4. I'm glad you chose Saffron. I think that name fits her perfectly. The folly is really starting to take shape. I like Kendal's idea of a brick laying/dinner party, just make sure you don't serve the wine BEFORE the bricklaying ;-). Edward is lucky he has you to put him back in shape again.

    1. Thanks good to know.there were a few good ones suggests but that one just seemed to fit .
      Brick laying party would be good and if they've add a little wine it would definiately be a ruin! Lol
      It's early days but hopefully Edward will emerge better than before!

  5. Aha! Another Saffron known as Saffy. I bought a little repaint from Shelly some years ago. She had already named her Saffy. She is a bobbed-haired girl too, but a Trendon.

    Paul is a dynamo. Where does his energy come from,let alone his assorted skills? I'm sure your folly will be completed very quickly.

    Poor, poor Edward. But he looks better already and the other kids at the Village are very supportive of him. He has lovely features and they are already much more noticeable.I need to start on Aden soon as I can't cope with the many layers of gloop hiding his features, but nerves are getting the better of me......and then there's John to consider.....What was I thinking?? But they had to be saved.

    Love the T/tea photo and poem!

    1. Must then the perfect name for a bobbed haired Sasha 😉 Paul alas does now feel his age , so slow and steady is the order of the day, he's enjoying doing it which is good.

      Get to work on the por boy, Aden will love you if you remove a few of those gloopy layers, he cannot look any worse for your efforts, unless you use a blowtorch on him!
      Thanks 😀

  6. Saffron is a lovely name, she's very pretty. Edward already looks better, looking forward to the restoration developments!

    1. Thank you. Yes Edward is beginning to look much nicer just by having that flaking paint removed!