Friday 11 August 2017


Well I did say it was a wondrous time for Prop buying at present! The next props I'm about to show you, I decided to bid on as they were so sweet, and although I knew they would possibly be a little on the big side for Sasha's , the village is not just full of Sasha's , there are other dolls and bears living here!

There was an assorted bundle of furniture for dolls. This great wooden slatted table and the little white chair, that Toby's sitting on.

but there was more..

another white chair which Joe is now sitting on!

oh and there's more....

an ironing board! Which Violet is standing by! The only item that is probably too big!

and even better they all.....

Fold up for storing !


The Table

One Chair

The second chair

So a lovely table and two chairs for the dolls to use in the garden or indoors. Shall I tell you why i called them Top of the Props?...

No ... I'll let you have a guess ! Answer will be posted on Saturday once I'm home from work and can get another photo taken.

Let's make it interesting , I'll send a small prize to whoever gets to the nearest to the reason...

Only one guess each  :)



  1. Hmmm... Top of the props... makes me think Top of the Pops. Hmmm... have they somehow featured on the show? They look small enough for children, so maybe child singers sat on them? That's my guess LOL :) xx

  2. Let's see...maybe if they are the top of the props, there is something to be revealed that lies underneath the top of the guess is a rug or carpet. Nice post Dee. 😊 xxx

    1. another good guess but alas no but a rug would be nice! I'll have to keep a look out for one! :) xx

  3. Perhaps the furniture will be used in the tower that Percy is building for Ragnor (I'm just not giving up hope on this), which will certainly have some type of observation lounge on the very top.

    1. LOL No but a good guess and a good idea! don't worry Percy and the boys are determined to get that tower they are just having to wait a little longer than planned!

  4. I reckon there is something you have not shown us yet.....something that came with this little prop haul.
    So I am guessing the same as Steve that it is something to do with that castle project......and I guess you actually got a tower!
    I can dream big for your lads too! LOL!

    1. good guess but no! But how lovely it would have been to HAVE got a tower would have saved a lot of work later ! but alas no :)
      My lads have plenty of BIG dreams :)

  5. Great finds Dee, you have some really great props!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, I've been very lucky lately :)