Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Finally the wolf has found Granny awake and before she can ignore him , he whisks her off to see whats happening in the present...she finds herself in her shop!
Granny calls to Bruno telling him to get the dog out of her shop!
" He cannot hear you" says the wolf  grinning " or see you "

Saffron and Lucas are talking at the counter with Ollie and Bruno

Lucas leaves his sister and walks further into the shop along with his dog socks! Socks starts to stare into space and growling
" Whats wrong ? " ask Lucas confused " Stop growling!"

But Socks keeps growling looking at granny but Lucas sees nothing and continues to tell Socks to hush!

Saffron looks over but she also cannot see why Socks is growling , so goes back to her conversation with the boys.

Lucas gives up on telling Socks to hush and starts playing with a little yellow car on the table.
Socks who cannot see granny but feels odd , keeps growling ready to defend his beloved master Lucas to his death.. well at least until he knows what he's dealing with!

" Come on Lucas " Saffron calls having placed the order of items that Mum asked her to.

Saffron heads out the shop with Lucas following behind.
Lucas waves his hand at Bruno saying " Account account!" and follows Saffron outside.
The boys look at each other and shrug
While over in the corner Granny growls !

" Should I come and help you tomorrow ? " ask Ollie, who quite likes helping best friend Bruno in the shop.
" Oh no " says Bruno hurriedly " No tomorrow Uncle Alfonso's will be here to take over "

Ollie looks confused " I didn't know you had an uncle? "

Bruno sighs " He's not my real uncle , just a friend of Grannies "

Still confused Ollie leaves as Bruno watches, then locks the door.. Granny meanwhile is muttering about Lucas and having young boys in charge of her shop and her going to the poor house! Fortunately Bruno can hear none of this!

Bruno walks sadly towards the back of the shop straight pass Granny .
" What's wrong Bruno ? " asks granny seeing his sad face

Bruno pauses .. and looks back.. he thought he heard something?  he shivers , sighs and then carries on , turning the lights off as he leaves.

to be continued...



  1. Hmmm,an interesting turn of events. I wonder if perhaps the BBW (Big Bad Wolf) is trying to tell Granny that it's OK to step back and let the younger folks, Bruno and Ollie run things. Perhaps the best thing for Granny would be an extended vacation to Barbados where she can find a young gigolo doll who will stand at her beck and call to fetch her another piña colada or adjust her beach umbrella.

    1. Lol , the poor gigolo ! He'd be worn out within two days! Yes I think the BBW is definitely trying to tell granny something ! ;)

  2. Love the questioning look on Lucas' face as he looks down at Socks in picture four.
    He certainly looks warm and cosy in his Passion 4 Sasha navy cord coat with it's checked lining.
    Always have a soft spot for little Bruno.

    1. He was very confused by Socks barking! I only wish I could have got him back into his long trousers but he's insisting he's too hot!!
      Bruno is one of my most favourite of dolls along wth his granny :)

  3. Wow, Granny is invisible. So many things could happen when one cannot be seen! Poor Bruno, I hope things improve to raise his spirits. BTW, I like Granny’s knitted outfit. 😊 xxx

    1. I don't know if it would be a good thing or a bad thing to be invisible?
      I fear things could get worse.................. xxx

  4. Oh dear, is Lucas up to his old tricks again? Did I spy an 'unpaid for' yellow car peeping out of his pocket? I hope he'll not get Bruno into trouble for taking the car and not paying for it.....because maybe the loss will have to come out of poor Bruno's meagre wages!
    I wonder what will happen next.....?

    1. Alas yes the yellow car did go home with him but he told them to put it on account! He knows Mrs Mum does have an account at the bank so I think he's got confused.. I hope! Xx