Saturday 17 February 2018


Gone  tomorrow ....

I thought I'd spend this week looking back at some of the dolls who we have loved and.... well not lost ...... just allowed to move on to fill someone else's home with love.

This sweet girl came to us for a while but then decided Switzerland was an interesting place to go.

Her eyes were repainted for me by Shelly.



  1. Wherever Sasha dolls go, they are loved, that's for sure. Perhaps right now she's enjoying a delicious fondue in her new home!

  2. I really loved this Shelly customised girl of yours. That outfit is the perfect colour for enhancing her beautiful eyes.

  3. Whoa! We want BABY GIRL photos Grandma...where are the photos of your new grandchild...Sasha doll pictures don't cut the mustard!!

  4. She was a lovely Sasha but yes, they sometimes like to move on. I have so many photos of girls and boys who've moved on, hopefully to nice new homes where they're happy :)
    I can never delete the photos though, like you I enjoy looking at those old photos sometimes :)

  5. I love Shelly’s repaints and this girl is no exception. What a pretty outfit too. It is nice to revisit our photos. I do that too and enjoy seeing the kids that are in new families now. 😊 xxx