Sunday 25 February 2018


and how this month's flown by! It's been a very exciting and tiring one here in the village.

First up let me show you a photo, got permission, of my new granddaughter Clara Elizabeth.

Here she is sleeping on Grandee , when I first arrived to help poor mum and dad get some sleep ! Nothing quite like a new baby to let you know that life will never be the same again and sleep.... well you can say goodbye to getting any of that, for more than three hours at a time for the next few months!

While Mum and Dad got sleep and adjusted to the new baby based routine, Clara and I got acquainted. She learnt I was calm and firm and I learnt she was just gorgeous and of course extremely intelligent !

It was a lovely time helping them but it was also nice to get home again and get a good nights sleep! Of course I wish they lived just down the road and not two hours away but that how life is now. Years ago families filled the surrounding streets and now families can be on the other side of the world never mind the country. So I'm lucky that I don't need to get a plane to go see her.

Now the weather forecast for the coming week is of course a blast of arctic weather! They are even mentioning the white stuff ! ( I swear someone up there looks at my work rota! ) Which today , Saturday , as I type this with the sun, so hot through the french doors that I've had to pull the curtain over ! Seems impossible but outside in the sun it is crisp but not freezing! and again today Sunday as I continue this post the sun is streaming through the windows.

The sunshine today

So onto the dolls. I bid on but did not win a Sasha which I would have loved but alas it went elsewhere , why do certain dolls always appear when you do not have enough funds to make a winning bid? Mind you I'm also supposed to be concentrating on my new studio and it's needs but some dolls you cannot let slip by.

I did however receive a Schoenhut boy that I happened across a few weeks back and made an offer on which was accepted. He is quite petite at 14 inches or at least looks that way and has a face style I do not already have. Plus he looks like a boy! you know how some dolls will look either female or male and this one looks male.
I don't have many boy Schoenhut's so he appealed to me.

He came without a wig which I find much easier. If they have a wig that's so old and tatty it needs replacing , you then need to try and find one that is exactly the same or the doll looks different and not always for the better. So the fact he does not have a wig for me in this case is a bonus in one way.
In another it means I need to find the right one for him and although I have started to build up a supply of different wigs unfortunately they are almost exclusively girl ones.

So I'll be spending a while getting him kitted out and finding him a name , at present Jack is the front runner.
For the moment he's been dressed to keep warm in clothes that are too big.

But he wanted to introduce you to him dog , who arrived at the same time, so of course they had to be faithful companions.

He wants to call his dog Dutch and is wondering if Kuno and Archie can give his dog some pointers for training!

I also found this items on ebay which arrived this week as well.

Well March is just round the corner and so it will soon be the fifth and Doll shelf photos will need to be sent in, so that we have some great dolls etc to drawl over and be inspired by.

My log cabin should arrive in March and so once this cold spell has passed it will be all hands on deck to get the fencing in , the gazebo emptied and  down and the base put in place. All sounds so easy when written but it's going to be very time consuming when happening and reliant on good weather!

Hoping that once my cabins in, I won't have trouble from.... mice! this still sealed tub should be full of fat balls for the birds

However Paul found it today empty! because they have eaten through the bottom and helped themselves!

the seed husks and bits they'd didn't want left on the floor !

I have a couple of story's in the pipeline which will need to be set up and photos taken , so they can appear on the blog.

Plus of course there is now granddaughter visiting to fit in, so a busy time ahead.

Enjoy the coming week and let's hope that after this mini ice age that's about to appear we head into the spring weather we've all been waiting for!


PS Thank you Julie for the lovely card


  1. Isn't Clara Elizabeth a complete cutie! So snuggly and cuddly, you must have had a lovely two weeks with her Dee, despite the tiredness that a new baby brings with it!
    I'm glad to hear that you've got sunshine today, we had a bit too but the rest of the week is apparently going to be dismal with rain and cloud. The thing is we do need the rain because the local reservoir is so low that some parts of Malaga have had to go without water several days a week, even during the winter, and we really don't want that happening to us. I just cannot imagine being without water, so I will hope that the rain is the 'right type'!!
    Your new boy looks a nice young fellow and yes, very boyish. I look forward to seeing more of him here in The Village.
    Those darn mice, they get into everything, they're very determined little sods, aren't they!
    I hope you don't get any of the 'white stuff' and have a great week ahead.

    1. I have to say she is :) I've had a lovely week playing Grandee with her while Mum and Dad adjusted.
      The sunshine's been lovely but with a cold chill ,not looking forward to the coming week at all!
      Hope you get the right rain to fill the reservoir , it's so strange that you need so much rain while we are going to get snow and sleet etc! I'd happily send it over ;) lol
      I think Jack will fit in well :)
      Mice ! we have three cats one a champion mouser and the younger quite good but I have mice in the gazebo! Saffy the champ does not go outside much but I may get Paul to take her over to the gazebo after the cold weathers gone an she'll soon clear the place! xxx

  2. What a little sweetheart Clara Elizabeth is! It's so nice that you were able to spend time with her, and allow new mum and dad a chance to ease into parenthood. I like your new Schoenhut boy. He looks like he's in excellent condition, and his new dog is adorable.
    I've revised my prediction that we are turning the corner on our winter. In the past four days we got two back-to-back storms that dumped almost a foot of snow on us (that will teach me to keep my big mouth shut).
    Last winter we caught 8 mice in our house - thankfully all in the basement. No evidence of the little varmints this year (knock on wood).

    1. She is and I was, I love babies and it's so nice to have one in the family now.
      Jack is in very good condition just the usual slight nose chip and the dog is just the right size for him.
      It's always best never to say things are over, weather wise as it's just waiting on enough people to say and think it before it returns with a vengeance ! i hope we don't get a foot of the white stuff!

      With three cats we don't suffer with them in the house unless one of the cats sneaks one in ! But I'll have to get them into the gazebo before I need to empty it to take down any critters!

  3. Clara is gorgeous! Please ask her mum and dad if I can have her...she is fab!! I won't mind the sleepless nights...I don't sleep much anyway! Thank you so much to her proud parents for sharing this photo with us...and many congratulations on producing such a lovely new little person!

    1. She most certainly is ! I'm afraid you'd have to get behind me and my two other daughters to get hold of her. I didn't mind the night feeds and holding needs just lapped it all up and tucked it away. :)
      I'm going to have to stop myself turning up every weekend to take Clara .. I mean help with Clara because she is just so adorable :) xx

  4. How sweet Clara Elizabeth is! You must be a very proud Grandma, and who needs sleep?
    Kuno and Archie where delighted to see that a dachshund has moved into the village. They say hi to Dutch, and: Dachshund rulez!!

    1. Thank you she is :) I am very proud and no one wants to sleep when such a sweet baby is present :)
      Dutch says Hi back to Kuno and Archie, he felt it was time the village had a proper dog!!! ;)

  5. ....And so another amazing little miracle enters the world!
    Congratulations and every happiness and good health wishes to her and all Clara's family.

  6. Princess Clara is a beauty - I can understand why there's a queue for cuddles!
    How well arranged that your first grandchild is likely to be a Sashaphile too - excellent planning!

    1. Thanks you Rosie. I am sure she'll love playing dolls with Grandee :)

  7. Clara is so beautiful and just so precious of course. What a blessing for your family to now have Clara as it’s youngest member. Congratulations to you and Paul the very proud grandparents and also to Clara’s parents. ❤️ xxx

    p.s. Your new Schoenhut boy is wonderful. I like his pup too. 😊

    1. Thank you Ginger, we are so glad she's here and we can cuddle her ;)
      Jack and his dog and a welcome addition to my wooden tops ! :) xx