Thursday 8 February 2018


After a restless day, mainly spent sleeping and worrying Granny waits for night to fall and that idiot wolf to return! She'll be able to see just how much she's going to make with Alfonso in the shop.

"Who is that ? " demands Granny looking at the stranger behind the counter

" and what are all these signs ? "
" that's the lad Alfonso's put in to run the shop for him "



" What does that mean ! " demands Granny " Uncle Alfonso's shop ! He cannot even spell his own name!"
"Shush " says the wolf.. listen if you want to know whats happening..

" Ollie I told you children are not allowed in the shop!" says the lad at the counter

" I know but I waited until I saw Alfonso leave "

" Do you know how Bruno's doing ? " Ollie asks
" I think he comes up for trial next week " says the lad

" T Trial ! " gasps Granny in shock " My Bruno !"

"What is going on!" demands Granny in her you will tell me now voice!
The wolf just grins and says " you'd best pay attention or you'll not find out !"

Granny hurriedly moves closer so as not to miss anything
" I heard " says the lad confidingly " That old Alfonso's going to say that Bruno stole the taking from last week and gambled them at Shifty Fred's betting shop ! "
" But he didn't " gasps Ollie
" Well we know that but that Alfonso's got the judge in his pocket.. it's his brother!"
" No" No" gasps both Ollie and Granny
" But what ...what.. about Granny Fortuna? why's she not helping Bruno " says Ollie sounding almost in tears
" Because she's in the nut house " " Nut house? " questions Ollie
The lad sighs " The mental home for people who have lost their marbles !"
Ollie's totally confused now, he never knew Granny had any marbles to lose and why would she need to go to a house if she did? "
" any road " the boy continues " that Bruno could be looking at 5 years maybe more in a young offenders unit "

Granny looks grief stricken , her Bruno locked up.. her sweet innocent lad .. her lip trembles..

Crying Ollie leaves the shop " I  I I'm going to get Mum to get him a good lawyer !"
" it won't help " says the lad.

Granny returns to the wolf.. " Take me back " she whispers, her voice sounding old and trembling " take me back .. what have I done... "

to be continued....



  1. A very grim future indeed! I had a feeling that Alfonso was bad news! I hope Granny is not too late to set things right...

    1. Me Too! It's not sounding good for the future !

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Let's all start a "Go Fund Me" page to get a really good lawyer for Bruno!!!

    Come on need to sort this out

    1. I think the Sasha Village children are already on that!
      Yes Granny needs to set things right before it' s too late !

  3. Oh no! I am betting on Granny to save the day! Poor Bruno. 😉 xxx

    1. I so hope she can ! Poor Bruno indeed :( xxx

  4. How terrible! But I know Granny won't let poor Bruno down.
    Maybe, when Alfonso has ruined the shop by not letting any customers in, he won't have money to pay his brother the judge?

    1. It's a big worry! Yes I'm sure he won't get many customers with his sales technique it's definitely going to go bust!

  5. Let Bruno go to jail.....I am liking this Afonso character!

    1. ;) :) You've guessed it...he's my cousin....

    2. I knew it! It was the icy draft and white hair that gave it away never mind the behavour! :))

  6. Such NEGATIVITY in ONE small space!

    1. It is! He'll never make any money with that attitude!

  7. Oh my goodness, this is TERRIBLE!!! Just TERRIBLE! What is to become of poor innocent little Bruno? Surely there is something that can be done for the poor boy? xxx

    1. Who knows if there is still time to stop this terrible future ! Xx