Tuesday 13 February 2018


Then next morning after Granny's look into the future, the village was carrying on as normal.......well maybe not quite normal.....

Ollie is shocked at seeing a strange man behind the counter in Granny Fortuna's shop !

" Hello.... " says a young voice....  cough cough " I mean ...Hello young lad What can I do for you? " the much deeper voice continues " My names Uncle Alfonso , I'm looking after the shop"

A loud thud sounds on the ceiling as Ollie looks at this newcomer with suspicion !
" Uncle Alfonso? why have you got the same birth mark on your head as Bruno? "
A small silence lasts before 'Alfonso says " I'm his Uncle! It's a family birth mark all the males have it !" he ends on what sounds like a relieved sigh.

Still not quite believing this person Ollie says " If you are uncle Alfonso's wheres Bruno? "
" He is with his aunt.... aunt... Delphinium !"
"That's a flower !"
" Is It ?.. I mean my darling wife is named for the most wonderful very tall flower, for she is just the same !"
" What a wonderful tall flower ? "
Alfonso's decides this conversation is getting out of hand so comes round from behind the counter

Ollie looks amazed, wasn't he taller a moment ago? He seems to have shrunk !
" Well " mutters Ollie " Bruno does not have any long trousers .... maybe you are Alfonso "

" Should you not be getting home? " asks Alfonso " It will be very very dark soon "
"It's only half past three!"

Suddenly a door opens and a voice shreaks ....

" What ! Is! Going ! On! " says Granny " And who are you? "
" That's Uncle Alfonso " supplies Ollie helpfully
" That is NOT Alfonso " states Granny " Not unless he's sudden lost a foot  and a half in height and had a hair transplant! "
Uncle Alfonso seems glued to the spot!

" Impostor! Call the police !" says Granny

Alfonso retreats behind the counter suddenly growing in height!
" lets not be hasty " he stutters "  I'm his son Alfonso junior !"

" Liar " says Granny getting angry " What have you done with my grandson? "

Suddenly she dashed forward and pulls on the strange mans beard which drops down!
" Brun...o..." says Granny
" Hello Granny " says Bruno in a whisper

" Bruno " says Granny her voice breaking as she pulls him into her arms " Bruno "

" Bruno thank goodness you are safe " Granny says tearfully " I was so worried you were in the clink!"
" Clink? "
" Jail.. Prison..house of correction... " sniffing Granny gives Bruno another hug

"What an earth were you doing and why are you dressed like an old man? "
Sighing Bruno says guiltily " I didn't want to call Uncle Alfonso to come look after the shop.. I don't trust him " he finishes.
" You are such a wise boy " Granny mutters then raising her voice " Ollie look after the shop a moment!"

Ollie cannot believe Granny's asked him .. him to mind the shop! he's round at the counter before Granny and Bruno have barely moved out the way.. " That will be three pounds ten pence " says Ollie practicing.

" Ollie " says granny without turning " just call if a customer wants serving  "
"Yes granny " sighs Ollie .. slightly down , then brightens.. he'll just call when they want to pay .

" Granny walks with Bruno towards the door to their flat above the shop " I promise I will always let you look after the shop in future If I'm unwell "
 Bruno stays silent convinced granny's still recovering and she'll forget once she's fully on the mend
Bruno nearly trips over when Granny carries on " You can open the shop tomorrow while I have a lie in to help finish this cold and I'll get up at 10 and make you a lovely big breakfast "

Christmas Eve

Bruno is so happy, Granny's borrowed some trousers , to check the fit , and promised Bruno he'll have a pair of long trousers in the new year as a treat for working so hard up till Christmas.

Granny is very happy " Look how well we have done Bruno ! and after such a late start, what with my cold !"

" The shelves are nearly empty! I think it was our best lead up to Christmas since we opened !"

"I've been thinking just having a shop at Christmas does not give us a lot of money to last the year and you are a growing boy! "
" I am? "
" You are !"
" So I was thinking..... "

"What! " exclaims Bruno

" I can see it now" Granny continues  " Easter Bunnies, ducks, hen's and of course cards  and not forgetting Easter eggs!

Granny can see it all....in her head...

"Good Luck with that " Bruno sighs " You do know they are moving the sofa etc back in here tomorrow? "
" Of course... but I have heard on the village grapevine .. "
" Don't you mean old biddy line? " scoffs Bruno
" Don't be rude Bruno.. my friends and I are not old Biddy's .. Biddy's yes but old no! Anyway where was I?.    Oh yes we have heard talk of a big and I do mean big new studio for all the village houses etc and I think there should be a shop.... all year round.... after all a shop is not just for Christmas... "

The End.

I hope you have enjoyed Granny and Bruno's tale. I am planning to give Granny and Bruno a space for their shop, all being well, so the village children can have somewhere to go to get presents and food etc.


  1. Great Story! I love a happy ending. I think it's wonderful that Granny and Bruno are getting a permanent shop (and it is, after all, the least Mrs. Mum can do after causing all of that trouble in the first place).

    1. Thank you. lol Poor Mrs Mum always takes the wrap! I do think she's feeling a little tiny bit guilty, so I'm sure a Granny Fortuna Shop will be one of the permanent features of the village :)

  2. Yay! We got there in the end! Would still liked to have seen Bruno in jail though :)

    1. I know it was a very long drawn out , in time, story ! Now why does that statement not surprise me.... ;)

  3. Yes, I enjoyed their tale very much and especially the nice ending. I am glad too that Granny and Bruno will have a permanent shop. It is a great scene for all the Village kids. 😊 xxx

    p.s. Ollie is such a nice boy!

    1. Thanks Ginger, we cannot not have a happy ending! I agree I think Granny and Bruno's shop will be a great place for the villagers.
      Ollie is a sweetheart just like his best friend Bruno :) xxx

  4. I'm so glad to read a happy ending, all's well that ends well as they say! I think Bruno looks much better clean shaven ;) LOL
    And yes, you really do need a shop all year round, I mean what village doesn't have a shop???

    1. Lol I have to agree, that beard was not Bruno's style :) True we have a shop in our village :) xx