Sunday, 4 February 2018


Well I have no idea where that week went! I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that weeks just seem to vanish almost before they've started. But at this time of year when it's winter I'm not so worried as it means Spring will arrive all the quicker!

Granny's story went onto the back boiler while I try to list a few things towards getting my log cabin. It's on offer until the end of next week so I'm trying to get in as much as I can towards it before the offer finishes.

And to that end I've had to be hard and list a few dolls that it would be nice to keep but needs must. I have also decided to put on a verity in the hopes that enough will sell and then I'll keep those that don't.

Mary's on ebay, I know ! this was a hard call to make, but she could go quick , we'll see, if not she stays.

Sweet Sophie is also up for adoption, she's such a quiet little doll . she may land up staying unless someone can see just how sweet she is.

A few others will be listed in the next couple of days along with some clothes.

This weeks weather is forecast to be very cold with a chance of snow! I'm hoping not on Tuesday as I'm off with my eldest two girls to see my youngest who is due to have her baby sometime around the end of this month!

I also have Monday off, so I will be taking the next set of photos for Grannies story, yes I know I should have taken them today but the time seems to gallop away! plus we had things to do in the house and garden. The bay tree with the broken pot was re potted into a large pot we already had which mean it's pair needing also potting, which set Paul off on a round of re potting of the Camellias into bigger pots and a few other plants as well.
The bay tree's pots are much bigger so should stop them from being able to be tipped over by the wind.
Well I'm off to sort out which dolls need to go up for adoption and which clothes could go on sale and get the scene set for Granny's story to continue.

Doll shelve photos tomorrow and then Granny's tale restarts Tuesday. Have a great week ahead, take care on those icy roads and keep warm.



  1. Mary really is a unique girl. I think she looks exactly like the beautiful girl on the cover of Susanna Lewis' book, only with red hair. At least you know that if sold, she'll go to a good home because Sasha folks are always nice.

    1. That photo on that book was how I asked Shelly to paint her eyes!! show you just how good Shelly is :) She'll only be up for a week if she doesn't go I get to keep her,if she does, then someone else gets the pleasure of her and almost all Sasha folks would treat her well :)

  2. Looks like it's ALL GO over there again.
    Such a pity about the Bay Tree's plant pot falling over in that dreadful wind and breaking, especially when it was one of a pair!
    Not sure just how you can bear to part with Mary. She's such a lovely No-Navel Shelly repaint.

    1. It is! this months a busy one for sure!
      yes but they did need to be potted on , so at least it got done.
      It's hard, if some of the others sell we may have a reprieve only time and fate will tell !

  3. It is hard to part with our special dolls and your Mary is a beautiful repaint by Shelly. She will be loved by her new owner or maybe you. I agree with Steve that Sasha owners are so very nice. 😊 xxx

    1. It is now I have the ones I want and most have been here a while. I agree too most Sssha owners are very nice. Xx

  4. I think Mary is a real beauty, I've loved her eyes from the moment you got her back from Shelly and shared her with us. I would snap her up if I weren't broke right now!
    It sounds like you've been very busy, and I don't envy you the cold weather, as you know I'm such a wimp when it comes to the cold.

    1. She is a unique doll I agree and I do love her. But needs must sometimes.

      I have been trying to get things done! It's definitely proving to be a cold winter here! Roll on Spring xx