Monday 5 February 2018


So It's the fifth of February and time for the doll shelf photos.

Three of the Gregoroplis lads have come along to show us their gorgeous knitwear, looking lovely and cosy for these cold winter months.

Next Ursula's blonde girls, Ellie, Eve, Tammy and Uma are also wearing their lovely warm knitwear  but they may want to move over ever so slightly, because that gnome in the middle at the back is looking annoyed because he cannot see properly!

Karin's babies are asking the big question this month ! Girl or Boy ? for the soon to be Owen family grandchild!

This little baby of Karin's is trying to escape the cot!

So Girl or Boy? we'll have to wait and see...... :)

Carol sends us this chair of delight! A homemade bear looking after another bear and a sweet doll.

Also this sweet Schoenhut girl Nancy holding her Teddy.

plus this young Gregor ,who she's made a new hat for due to the very very cold weather they are having in Canada.

On my shelve today are Claudia, Liberty and Jenni.

Christy who was out playing in the garden

and admiring the snowdrops in the lane.

and standing on the folly window !

It's all happening round Linda's !The girl on the left is having her hair crinkled while looking at facebook and the baby is being watched over by his big brother while she eats her apple.

many thanks for the photos of your doll shelves, still time to have yours added, just send it in.



  1. Had completly forgotten it was shelf day until just now so my thanks to all who so kindly send in their photos for us to see and admire.
    Love them all but especially that baby cot on wheels!
    In my day there were no scans availasble to give you the child's sex so I had no option but to wait and see...but I think that nowadays being able to know beforehand has quite a few advantages with regards to the saving of time when choosing the name, the colour of the nursery and cot/pram bedding, not to mention the choice of boy/girl clothing.

    1. Sorry have just noticed a couple of spelling errors (Completely, sent, and available) due to lack of proof reading as per usual!
      Thinking that I should have made this one of my top 2018 New Year resolutions!

  2. How exciting that you have a grandchild on the way. I think it is good not to know beforehand whether it is a boy or girl.

    1. I like intrepid Christy's doll shelf - never mind the cold she is out in the garden exploring.

  3. I, too, forgot shelf day this month. Many thanks to all that sent their photos to Dee. A lovely post! 😊 xxx

  4. What lovely photos from the 'shelves' this month. I had every intention of sending you some photos, I even took several to send, but then Brendan was coming over and that was it, the dolls got packed away and the photos were still on the camera card until today (11th) as I completely forgot to send them!!!
    Maybe next month!!!