Tuesday, 17 December 2019


You may remember when I visited the National Trust property Standen House back in September and how I was hoping to get to visit it again when they had the house set for a 1920's Christmas.

 Well today, friday , we paid another visit along with our daughter and grand daughter.

 This was one of the first of the many Christmas trees around the house.

This little scene was beside the tree.

There was information about what happened at Christmas written in the most interesting places and ways.
When we visited this room before the table was covered by boxing with screen above telling the William Morris story, so it looked so different and much bigger now the table was uncovered.

 Candles and greenery , along with cards.
 I noticed these tiles framed on the wall in the billards room.

 The cushion in the centre tells us that the children would play shipwreaks which involved launching themselves of the sofa to see just how far under the billards table they could go!

 The family rocking horse.

 Clara, carrying her gruffalo child and her hat, spent the whole time saying Wow  when she saw each new room and christmas tree, so sweet.

This black eyed Susan was still flowering in the gorgeous converatory/ garden room.

 Another lovely tree in the living room.

I love this room and that carpet!

 A musical Christmas tree near the piano.

The bottom of the beautiful big Christmas tree in the stairwell.

 The top of the tree and the stair decor

 One of the upstairs rooms had been turned into a craft shop with lots of beautifully made items.


Loved this quilt hanging up.


more treasure! Did I buy anything... no .. you have to keep moving with a twenty two month old ...

 One of the bedrooms

 a tapestry in the hallway.

 A bronze arts and crafts plate

another bedroom where we disturbed a bear at his bath...

 a display cabinet of wonders.

 The half landing on the stairs.

 going down again..

 The dinning room laid for Christmas

 again with the information in words along the table cloth.

another tree in the dinning room.

This room was roped off last time,so it was nice to be able to enter and look closer at things.

 boxes of old dec's

 It was nice to see the plates above the books up closer.

 The paperchains reminded me of my own childhood, my siblings and I would make loads and pin the up all around the house, criss crossing them along the hallway ceiling towards the front door.

 a lovely bureau with a display cabinte above.

 Back in the hallway.

another tree in the corner where the corridor turns towards the servants areas

 The servants dinning area

 some embrodiery and knitting waiting for some spare time to be worked on.

The shop!!



 Christmas decorations


 Nativity .... and it was at this point a little Clara decided that she'd had enough of being told look but don't touch and made her complaint loudly!..... so we agthered her up and when off to the barn cafe where she fnished her packed lunch and enjoyed some cake along with Granddad, Grandee and Mummy before heading home for her afternoon nap!

It was lovely visiting again , some of the rooms that were roped off were open to enter fully into and another was full with the craft shop with the sun streaming through the windows.

Yet again I came away , this time, empty handed!! Not a single item... I had considered buying a decoration but there was a problem at the till and people were waiting for someone to come help and Clara made her complaint, so I returned it to the table and made my way outside.

I'd be seriously worried ... if I was not expecting several Emma Bridgwater parcels in the next few days...... Let's be honest once a shopper .. always a shopper...



  1. Wow, what a feast for the eyes! I think I would have walked away with half of the gift shop. Dee, your self control is admirable (even taking into account your forthcoming loot). Clara certainly has grown. No longer a baby, but a lovely little girl.

    1. It was and I could so have bought so much but Clara saved me lol
      She is growing up so fast!

  2. So lovely and no plastic in sight!

    1. Yes, shows that once upon a time we didn't need all this plastic !

  3. Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos Dee, I enjoyed seeing them all!
    Big hugs,

    1. You are welcome, I love looking a people photos of old houses or interiors :) x

  4. Just loved all the Christmas trees and decorated rooms. Can't believe that YOU of all people actually came away empty handed! What a good influence Clara must have on you!

    1. It was so pretty. I think Clara's training me only see buy things for small people as i seem to have no trouble buying for her ;) lol x

  5. This is a beautiful house and the decorations are gorgeous, so many pretty trees. I think you were very brave taking little Clara with you though, I'd have been on tenterhooks :) Sounds like she was a really very well behaved little girl though :) I also can hardly believe how restrained you were and didn't buy anything!