Sunday 15 December 2019


Yes another Sunday and this one putting us into the run up to Christmas with now only ten days to go!

I had a few days holiday this week, which was lovely. I shared my photos of my visit on Wednesday to a large garden centre, where I met my friend for lunch. She worked with me in Hertford for twelve years before they decided to move her to another branch up the road!

She's not really settled in there , so decided late last month to give in her notice and semi retire ! She leaves on Friday this coming week. We were always joking about me retiring and her having to carry on for a few more years but she's beaten me to it !

It was lovely having a good old natter and catch up , but we'll continue to meet up every couple of months, to share family chatter and no doubt while I'm still working, work gossip!

Thursday I had as a day of housework and rest, trying to get my leg to stop aching even though the Doctor gave me painkillers for three weeks, I'm only trying to use them if I really need them. I'll have a day where I think it's better only to have it return but it will get there in time.

 Here's a hint of where I was on Friday ! I leave you to think about it for a while....

From my previous two posts, you know that with the help of the boys, my dresser was cleaned and only Christmas Emma Bridgewater pottery was placed back on the shelves. I was surprised at just how much Christmas items I owned already. I was finding a space inside the cupboard of the dresser, for the non Christmas pottery, only to find six Christmas mugs ! Which I took out and replaced with six of the other mugs in use.
So now we have plenty of Christmas mugs to use through December and January.

I have to confess that all the pottery on the top shelf which is called Winterberry is my new China for Christmas. But since I only decided about a week back to buy this design for my Christmas table, when I went to purchase it they only had one large plate available!!  Luckily I had already just bought one to use as a serving plate and since I had an offer of another 20% off I bought a couple of the smaller plates and the large serving plate, you can see under the jug on the top.

But what to do about the other four plates I needed ? I searched the internet and Amazon and John Lewis names came up ! Amazon had nothing in the design I needed but I struck lucky with John Lewis and they had the plates in stock and they are on the way ! Alas no discount but I'm just pleased to have found them.

Today, Sunday, we have put the Christmas lights outside on the house and put up the Christmas tree inside. We still need to finish decorating the living room and the hallway but we have made a start.

I still have some presents to buy and wrap and then I'm done. Although I am still knitting Clara's jacket but it is knitting up quick I just need to do it!

Now If I say we saw Clara and Courtney on Friday, you can maybe guess where we met up? I'm sure you've worked it out.. Yes we met up at Standen House, to see the Christmas decoration of the arts and crafts house.
I've taken photos and the post will go on tomorrow evening. Clara was an angel and patiently went round the house , saying Wow ! every time we saw a new Christmas decoration, so sweet.

Bruno's tale will continue in the week as he's not got long to find that perfect gift for his Granny , who we all know is not a hard person to buy for.. cough cough..

So wishing you all a healthy happy week ahead..



  1. Always have to have a little smile with you and your love of china pottery. I am still using my one and only complete set for six (wedding gifts) of Royal Doulton's Tumbling leaves translucent china that it now 56 and a half years... old although I have had to replace a few of the pieces that accidently got broken over the years of everyday use.

    1. I do sooo love china :) How wonderful you are still using your Royal doulton after all these years. I do have some Denby small plates that we use all the time which must be at least 36 years old and my everyday denby must also be a good twenty plus by now.
      Lovely that you've been able to replace any tat have been broken over the years :)