Saturday, 14 December 2019


The boys have been working, along with help from mum , on getting the dresser filled with the Christmas china.

Bruno's been carrying the smaller pieces and placing them on the lower shelf.

 While Bertie and Ollie have worked together to carry in the larger pieces and put them in place.

" You alright with that Bruno ? " asks Ollie
" Fine " puffs Bruno pushing the small mug onto the shelf and turning it until his happy with it's position.

 Ollie joins Bruno and looks up at the dresser shelves " Goodness we've worked really hard !"

" Yes we have !" says Bertie joining them " We just have a couple more things to bring in , then we are finally finished"

 "It's been a long day " sighs Bruno starting to feel just how long !

" I heard your mum say that we deserved a bonus! for all the hard work we've done! " says Bertie excitedly " I wonder what a bonus is? but whatever it is it sounded good!"
" Come on then , let's get these last things in!" says Ollie 

Bertie and Ollie stagger in with a large bowl that they almost drop into place
"Careful!" says Ollie " If we break anything we'll have to pay for it!"
" What! " gasps Bertie " No one told me that part! I bet we're not getting enough to pay for this bowl if we broke it!"
" No we're not ! Mind you we should be thankful we're not helping out mum's nan cos she used to make her husband buy six of anything that was broken!"
"SIX!" says a stunned Bertie " Six!"
" Yes six, so we'd best be extra careful with the last few items "

Bertie heads off to see where the last item is  as Bruno calls Ollie over to the large jug thats in the centre of the dresser top.

" Look " says Bruno quietly " there's something in this jug "
Ollie looks inside and sees a mauve head...

"  Oh! It's a little dragon " Ollie states " Hello dragon "
The dragon looks irritated " There's no one here .. move along " he growls sloftly
" Well you are here " Ollie replies " and why should we move along? "
" Because there is NO one HERE " says the dragon more sternly " this jug is empty "
" But you're .. "
"No I'm not !"
"But .."
" No you are mistaken " the dragon growls , a very thin thread of smoke beginning to rise from his nose " You are imagining it, so kindly move along ... please... "

 "Well we could move along " says Ollie " if you tell us why you are not in the jug on the dresser in our kitchen "
The dragon satres at Ollie, Ollie stares back...
" Not that it's any of your business but I'm waiting "
" For what? " asks Bruno
The dragon sighs " If you really must know.. I'm waiting for Clara "
" In a jug? "
"Yes in a jug! Now kindly move along there is NO one here!"
Ollie is just about to argue when..

 "Are you two coming to help or what? " demands Bertie reappearing " This last dish is big!"

The dragon slid back down into the jug as Ollie turned to Bertie
" Right we're right behind you"
" Well your not " states Bertie " Your talking to a jug! What's in there ? "
" Oh Nothing.. No one.. " stutters Ollie moving towards Bertie " Come on the sooner we finish the sooner we get paid . come on Bruno don't dawdle "

Soon the last dish is in place and Bruno sits down into it " I'm exhausted "
" You have been a big help " Ollie praises " we'd still be moving things if you'd not arrived to help "
Bruno smiles happily
"Let's go get our wages " says Bertie " I need to get off home soon or my mame will be sad "

 Mum is so pleased with all the boys hard work, she gives them all £5 each for helping out and insists they stand for a photo on the lovely Christmas dresser.

Five pounds thinks Bruno I can buy my granny lots of presents with five whole pounds.....

to be continued..



  1. I have to admit that when this story started, I was kind of anticipating disaster (perhaps thinking of what some of my own boys would have done), but Ollie, Bertie and Bruno did an excellent job! They certainly each deserved the £5. I wonder what Bruno will buy Granny?

    1. Thankfully they know just how much I love my china , so were very careful!
      I'm also wondering just what Bruno intends to get for Granny.... ;)

  2. The dresser looks lovely.

    1. Thank you Pan, I'm really pleased with how it's turned out :)

    2. They did a wonderful job. Now if only Clar would arrive to release the dragon...

    3. It won't be long now until Clara finds that Dragon :)

  3. Always love to see china so beautifully displayed on dressers.

  4. Gorgeous china Dee, the dresser looks lovely. Made me miss my dresser which is in bits in Brendan's house :(