Tuesday 31 December 2019


Well it is the last day of the year 2019 and soon we'll be entering the next decade.

My year's been totally different to how I expected it to be in many ways but that's life for you, it does with you what it will.

I know Kendal, for one, will find this amazing but I have only bought two Sasha's this year! Yes just two!  Christian and Coco ! Both totally unexpected purchases but you all know that with one of these dolls, they only have to catch you in a weak moment and then suddenly you have a new member of the tribe!

However I have sold far more dolls this year than I have purchased which must be a record for me, at least! I have also sold on a lot of dolls clothes and other items, including furniture, which was no longer needed. But dispite all the sales the house and Sasha studio are still full to over flowing!

I had intended to get on and use some of my fabrics every month this year, but that was very hit and much more miss but at least I did not add more to the doll fabric although I cannot say the same about the furnishing fabric ! Having been inspired by all things William Morris and Arts and Crafts my furnishing stash, which was quite small, is now much bigger !

This last year, I feel, as been more of a paddling year! In so far as I have been just paddling along, in my canoe/boat, and stopping here and there before moving on to admire and see more. getting on with a few things before totally forgetting about any plans and going off on a tangent and starting something else!

If I had a school report it would read, must knuckle down and not daydream her life away! It's true.. but I do like a good day dream  :)

( Coco arriving in a whirl )

Although not many dolls have arrived , props have fallen over themselves to appear at the door! Remember that armada of boats that appeared for the Chat n Snap ! Then there's been all their scout and brownie uniforms , although I already had most of the brownies ones.

The Chat n Snap was a great day, with everyone enjoying meeting up and buying a Sasha or two! I am really looking forward to next years one with the forties railway station theme, which will require a lot of building work starting in spring to ensure it actually happens.
Let's hope I can stop myself buying half a dozen trains....

So I would like to thank everyone for stopping by and wish you all a Very Happy New Year and hope to see you again in 2020 ....where no doubt more plans will be made and ignored , while other things unplanned appear in their place ! It seems we go with the flow these days ...



  1. Happy New Year everyone! Here's hoping it will be a good one for us all!

  2. Wishing every Sasha Doll collector a very happy and fun filled 2020.

  3. PS.Congratulations on your 2019 limited Sasha Doll buying.

  4. Hi Dee, Happy New Year....belated I know, and I know we've spoken in the meantime, but thank you for your blog posts, sorry that I've not had time to comment on the more recent ones...you know why!!! I'm trying to catch up now but haven't the energy to do much more than read the posts and look at the lovely photos.
    May 2020 be a good year for you, as I hope it is for us...well definitely better than last year anyway!!!
    Big hugs xxx