Wednesday 4 December 2019


 Margaret, Constantine and Rupert gathered together.

I think they do look like a family, is Margaret older than Rupert ? or young? or are the twins?

Looking like a photo taken to send to the relatives at Christmas, of the children standing to attention but wanting to be off about their business!



  1. Aren't they lovely! I think that Margaret is the middle child, although she's not a lot older than Rupert, maybe just a year or so. And then Constantine is their older brother by just a few years!!! :)
    Of course the two younger children could be twins but I feel that Margaret looks just that little bit more mature than the little boy!
    I think their grandparents are going to be delighted to see the lovely group photo when she opens her Christmas card this year :)

    1. I agree Margaret does look that little bit older than Rupert.
      Grandparents do love getting a family photo of the grandchildren :) xx