Thursday 5 December 2019


And the last one of the year !

First up...

These two handsome lads, Sasha and Miquel , from Gregoropolis, wearing their smart new shirts by APFS. They are discussing where to place the little christmas soldier but it seems Miquels bear is not to happy at someone else getting his masters attention!  I'm sure he'll get a big higs soon.

 Fropm Karin, we have this sweet photo of her sasha saying "Look I have a star for you!" and what s cute star it is!

" Do you like my star? " the little girl is asking, showing the Sasha her treasure.

Viv's girls have come along to wish us all a Merry Christmas .

In the village, Sansa is getting ready to go off and do a little Christmas shopping.

The Lady of the front door is requesting that Sansa find her a lovely Christmas headdress saying Ivy's is fine but she wants a little more zing!

There is still time to have your photo added, I've finally taken and added mine!

Many thanks to everyone who as sent in a photo over the year, so that we can all enjoy seeing all the dolls out there.



  1. Lovely photos, and yes I hope that your sweet Lady of the Front Door gets something a little more glitzy and glittery for the Christmas period Dee!

  2. I am always amazed at the wonderful clothes the dolls wear.