Wednesday 11 December 2019


Today I went to meet a friend for lunch. We decided to meet at a well known local garden centre.
I arrived first so had a look round and took a few photos of their Christmas goods.

There seems to be a lot of these stuffed moose around.

 a closer look.

 You could buy a stable for your nativity

or a white unicorn or fuffly pink swan!

The pink wall of tree dec's.

One of the corner displays.

another woodland corner display , this one had water falling down the inside of the tree on the left and people had thrown coins into the pools.

another of the corner displays.

 Some bright metal items for outside in the garden.

Christmas door wreaths.

 Mm I had been looking at maybe getting some taller nutcracker/soldiers or either side of the fireplace.. this ones definiately tall.. but at £899 !!!! he'll not be coming to stay at my house!

Another of the corner displays with a jungle theme!

I love the Christmas decor over this mirror.

a few more outdoor/indoor items for Christmas displays. These were just a few of the displays of good on offer.

over to one side they had an large display, behind glass of the automated items you could buy to make your own Christmas village.

with ski slope


Cable ride and ice skating ! I wish I'd thought to take a photo showing the whole things from either the front or the side but by the time I saw this I was holding my purchases and I was having to use my phone for the photos.

So what did I buy in this very large shop full of goodies! Well I saw and loved a lamp, didn't think to take a photo, but it was too expensive to be buying before Christmas but it was lovely.

There were some beautiful cushions in various sizes and fabric's , very tempting, along with some sweet Chritsmas china. No Emma Bridgwater alas, although once upon a time they did stock a good amount of it.

I'd given myself a budget, expecting to be sorely tempted by lots of items but apart from the lamp, which I don't need and the cushions, which I also don't need, I spent very little.

I bought this bamboo Christmas set for Clara, for when she comes over the festive season and a packet of Christmas napkins. I know.. should I be worried? I walked out with just these two items, no impulse buys, no breaking the budget ! No things just because they was pretty !!!!
I'm seriously worried....that I've become a sensible  adult !!!!!  as Clara would say OH NO !!



  1. Ooohhh ahh! I just love those Christmas shops, so much eye candy to look at and this one is obviously no exception. :) I have a stuffed moose Dee, he's been sitting in my back room for the past three or four years and he has the biggest antlers! Initially he was purchased as a Christmas decoration along with a couple of elves, but I couldn't bring myself to put him in a cupboard for 11 months. Am I sad? LOL!

    Now I think you need to go check your temperature, how could you possibly come away with just those few items, you must be ill for sure! There is no way I would have managed to leave that shop without purchasing a whole heap of stuff . . . I simply adore Christmas decorations! Mind you, hubby wouldn't be too pleased with me . . . the garage already is full of boxes labelled Red, Green, Vintage, Gold, Copper, Tartan etc. etc.
    Big hugs,

    1. Lol, I know what you mean about not wanting to put him in a cupboard for so long!
      I know! Not any new dec's ! unheard of ! I can only say I must have been overwhelmed by the choice! I only took photos of a few of what was available, there were walls of green, red, gold, silver etc.. just soo much!:) x

  2. So many lovely things that could put even the biggest grinch in the holiday spirit! I especially love the miniature village and amusement rides.

    1. There was, I was spoilt for choice which is why I probably failed to buy any!
      The miniture village and fair was such a treat to see :)

  3. Love visiting our garden centres especially at Christmas.

    1. Me also, I think they're almost taken over from the old style department stores for the Christmas fix :)