Thursday 19 December 2019


Yes it is however I've been brought to a halt by a virus! Arrived totally out of the blue yesterday, went off to work feeling okay but within an hour was feeling awful!
Managed to get back home before it it me! But then thats meant sleeping most of yesterday and sitting about most of today! Not helpful when cards need posting, presents need wrapping and Christmas is just round the corner!

 However the unexpected diets going well ! two crackers one day and a small bowl of soup tonight!

So Bruno is still working on Granny's Christmas present! But I'll share a couple of photos of things around here.

I received this lovely hamper from Paul's work. I love this red basket it's arrived in, will definiately be able to find a use for this once it's emptied.

 Nicely wrapped.

 Top layer, I've not delved down below yet as not felt up to it but will investiagte soon.

I bought this tiny jug on ebay and it arrived in the box behind!!! Now I know it's best to protect breakable items but.....

 When we were putting up the tree we added a few more orniments to the dresser.

 A lttle snowman..

 There is even a bear on an elephant!

I hope to continue Bruno's tale soon.



  1. Hope you feel better soon Dee, not a good time to be ill.

    Your plates on the dresser are gorgeous.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thanks, No not the best time for illness !

      I'm pleased how Christmassy the dresser looks :) xx

  2. Get better soon. Just rest/sleep and take it easy as you can always plan to enjoy Christmas at a later date when you are feeling more up to it.

    1. Thanks Kendal, I could not keep my eyes open when this virus hit! Slept for almost twenty four hours just waking for short times.
      Much better already :)

  3. What a lovely hamper, I hope you enjoyed all the goodies inside. Sorry that you weren't well though, hope you're fully better now.
    That is slightly overkill on the packaging for the little jug though LOL