Saturday 25 April 2020


Sometimes you just need an instant doll fix, one that will arrive post haste, almost before the ink is dry on your quill ! And so it was for me the other day...

Here he is stumbling around the garden..

 A strangely dressed chap...

He's climbed up to the folly window to get a look at the lie of the land !

 mm I wonder who he is?

I suppose he could have been to a fancy dress party and got lost on the way home?

 Although there is a lockdown, so he cannot have been out to a party? Look his hair is long, maybe he's some sort of hippy type?

Whoever he is, he's taking a good look about, I hope he's not a thief !!

Now does that look like the face of a criminal? but then what does a criminal look like? He does have a certain air of mystery about him and looks quite the gent in his posh togs!

Well He's one of two things !
1/ He's the ghost of a highwayman who used to roam the village looking for his lost love !
2/ He's travelled in time from the 17 hundreds and is now stuck in 2020 in the tiny village of St.Ipps..

I know which one he is, can you guess?



  1. Sheltering at home for quite a while. Needs a haircut, and everything else was in the wash!

    1. Lol, Mmm whould his hair be that long so soon ....I wonder what he'd look like in a modern outfit...

  2. I'm going with No.2, I think he's probably a time traveller and he's landed in St Ipps in 2020.....oh boy is he going to wish he stayed home!!!

    1. Lol, what are you saying about my sweet villagers? Well Granny Fortuna can be a bit snippy it's true but I'm sure under that snippines is a warm cuddly .... okay you win....