Friday 17 April 2020


 "What are you making now Granny? " Bruno asks

" I'm trying to decide " sighs Granny " have you finished that washing up yet? It's time you went off to bed!"

Bruno goes back over to the sink.

A fair amount of time passes before Granny calls out to Bruno " Just how many times are you going to wash that same plate? "
Bruno turns with a start and a red blush " Oh mm I'm just finishing"
"Good then, off to bed "

Bruno walks as slow as only a child can when trying to delay going to bed, he pauses by the large triffle sitting on the kitchen table.

 " Wow is this for tea tomorrow!" asks Bruno excitedly, he loves Granny's triffles
"No that is for Boris " states Granny " put it over on the sideboard please "

 "Whose Boris ? " wonders Bruno
" Do you know nothing child!" demands Granny " He's the prime minister and he's had the virus and needs lots to build him up so he can come back and finish the job!"
" Now you are going to invite the Prime minister to tea? " says a stunned Bruno
" Don't be silly " Granny rolls her eyes " I'm going to post it to him"
" But it will all melt and fall out of the dish!" Bruno declares

 Granny pauses while looking in her cookbook , the child could be correct.. " Well I may not send him the Triffle " she says slowly " I may send him my famous Pavlova " she pauses to see what bruno thinks of that...
from the sideboard Bruno says " won't that get crushed if it's sent in the post? "
Quickly changing tack Granny states " I'm going to send him my famous fruit cake ! Let the post try and destroy that!"

" Well if he was feeling better that will do it " agrees Bruno " I'm sure he needs something to keep the door open " this last he says very very quietly
" Mmm what's that Bruno? " asks Granny destracted as she looks for her fruit cake recipe
" I just asked if I could have some triffle before I go to bed? "
"No! Get off with you now "

" Oh ..k.. " Bruno struggles to say, round the mouthful of triffle he's just taken, dipping his hand again into the side of the dish , he hurries off to bed

 Soon Granny's cake is baking in the oven and she's having a good moan to herself.
" It's all that Mrs Mum's fault ! I bet she started this talk about viruses just to stop me getting my shop back up and running! " she grumbles " I'll happily socially keep my distance from that one ! I think I'll add a letter with my cake to Boris stating that my shop is being kept closed when it's needed in this time of world crisis ... yes then maybe he can help me get that Mrs Mum to get her finger out and help me get.. .."

" Who are you talking to? " a girl's voice asks bewildered

Granny stills, there is something familiar about that voice...

 Turning she sees a young girl standing in the doorway " Don't stand in the door ! come here where I can see you " Granny demands.. I mean asks nicely

 Granny studies the girls face, it's slowly awakening an old memory, of a toddler from years back
" Well what do you want? " Granny asks

" I'm looking for your mistress " the girl states importantly
" My mistress.... I see " Granny returns  " and who might that be? "
" My Grandmother Mrs Fortuna "

Granny turns round and looks the girl over " Now I see " she smiles very slightly " Your grand mother Mrs Fortuna. What do you want with Mrs Fortuna ? "

" That's no business of the help " says the girl raising her chin in a haughty manner " Just tell me where she is please "

" The Help? " asks a stunned Granny " The h e l p ... "
" Well cook , housekeeper whatever " she carries on " where is she  please !"

 Spotting her holding the bowl , Granny pulls it to her side, the girl looks hungarily at the drips of the fruit cake.
" She's not here " states Granny " But I'll tell her you called by " she says in a dismissive tone
The girls shoulders drop " When will she be back? "
" Tomorrow " 

The girl turns to go " Then please tell my grandmother, I will return tomorrow " she walks a few steps " for lunch "
Granny watches her go.

 Little Louella Von Meyer , what was she doing here ? and where was that rogue of a father of hers! My poor Maria ! should never have married that pig,( Granny makes the sign of the cross,) she'd still be alive today if she'd stayed away from that man !

So they'd be back tomorrow will they ... for lunch.... so I will find out just what he's up to ! " Granny jumps as the timer for the cake goes off , she turns to remove it from the oven her mind whirling with thoughts of tomorrow...



  1. Oooh I say! What is going on here! I love that trifle, is it artificial? And who knew it, your pavlova is world famous!!! ;)
    I look forward to the next installment and what is going to happen next!!

    1. I bought the Triffle from Jane woodward at the Chat n snap.
      It will all be happening soon...

  2. Wow, this is better than Coronation Street! I just love Granny's (or, I mean the cook's) kitchen. And she's so right about fruit cake. That stuff is virtually indestructible. I hope Granny and Louella make nice. I would hate to see the wood chips start flying!

    1. Yes it can all kick off in the village! Yes best not to call Granny the cook ...
      I'm sure half a rocky start all will be well... I hope...

  3. Delighted to see that you have hopefully? started your story-telling again.

    1. I'm trying to get started again Kendal, may be a little here and there to start with !