Wednesday 15 April 2020


Something stirs...

" You have to stay here " a young girl is saying " I will come back in a little while "

There's a rusling of movement in the grass
"No !" the girl commands " Stay here!  I mean it!"

She turns to hurry away calling back " Don't you dare follow me or there WILL be trouble!"

From the long grasses comes a big rumbling sign and a thump.

 "I'll be as quick as I can " she calls " I just need to check these people out before we arrive "

The girl hurry's on , wanting to get back before it's too dark to see but she must scout out the place before she dare take the chance of appearing, she needs to know that it's a safe place !

Meanwhile back in the long grasses, something grumpily waits grumbling, trying to decide if they should count to ten and then follow quietly behind?... yes they think that's a good plan ! .... one....two... three.... six.... four... oh no that's not right! Best to start again.. one.... two... three... three..mmm.... five.. four... oh no!  best start again.... One... two... three...mmm....

and so it continued as the young girl made her way down the long darkening garden in search of.....



  1. Very suspenseful, Dee! I can't wait to find out who (what?) is hiding in the bushes. What is the story behind this mysterious girl?

    1. If you look really close you may catch a glimpse !

  2. Oooooh mystery and intrigue! I wonder what is happening here, who is this mysterious young lady? And who is she telling to stay behind hidden in the garden. I guess we're going to have to be patient!!

    1. Yes her hidden companion may need a while to be introduced as it could be a rockyroad ahead :) xx

  3. Please 'Miss' when is the next episode???