Wednesday 1 April 2020


Alas no joking for all fools day today. Our beautiful 19 year old cat Saffy suddenly took ill this afternoon and was put to sleep.

She loved to sit and watch especially through windows as shown in the photo below, even ones in doors between rooms. She also loved to beat any passing retriever on the head with her paw while sitting on the arm or seat of a chair.
In her later years she allowed the dogs to sit near her, providing they behaved.

She was a lovely typical cat, allowed you to pet her but when she'd had enough she let you know, loved her food and yours. She lived a long and happy life and we were so glad she chose to spend it with us.



  1. So sorry for your loss, Dee. Everyone at Gregoropolis is sending love and good energy your way.

  2. Aww Dee I'm so sorry to read this, poor Saffy and poor you. You're right though, she did have a lovely long life with you and your family. I laughed over her patting the dogs on the head, I can just imagine it.
    And looking out of windows, we have a Miniature Pinscher who loves doing that too..such nosy animals :)
    Take care and sending big hugs xxx