Friday, 3 April 2020


Today, Friday is nice and sunny , the chilly wind that was making everywhere very cold was missing and so out in the sun it was gtting hot!
While looking for just the right spot to bury Saffy on Wednesday, I noticed that this nosiette rose along with the jasmine at it's side was trying to take over the garden!

 So this afternoon I decided to go and tackle the problem.

an hour or so later it was a little less wild! It still needs reducing in height and then the flower bed dug over but not a bad hours work.

Now we are into April and fast approaching the fifth, so if anyone would like to send in a photo of what their dolls are up to we'd all enjoying seeing them.



  1. You've been busy! But it makes a big difference. Did you decide on where to bury little Saffy?
    I will send some photos, I actually have some!!
    Big hugs xx

    1. It's surprising how tidying up just a little bit can make a big difference.
      Yes we buried Saffy just to the left hand side of the Black Tulip Magnolia tree, so she can see the house.
      I look forward to getting the photos :) hugs xx

  2. Always so satisfying to tackle projects like this. I have a feeling that working out in the garden is going to be my salvation this summer.

    1. It is, although i then saw all the rest that needs doing but as you rightly say I think the gardens will be the saving of us this summer.

  3. So true. My heart goes out to those in inner city areas who live in flats or bedsits, with no greenery outside their windows and no garden to spend time in.

    The jasmine and rose bush will do so much better for their trim back. My ramblers need more than a trim as they were missed last year and looked wonderful, but the new growth this year is already looking straggly.
    I hope you find a special spot for Saffy's final bed.

    1. Me Too! It's so much easier if you have a piece of garden you can get into.
      A good crop will help them so much. Saffy is just on the left of the Black Tulip Magnolia tree a nice spot for her :)