Friday 24 April 2020


I decided that I would go into my studio and do a little tidying , so that I could take more photos to carry on with Louella's arrival.

This is what greeted me when I opened the door!

A gap big enough to walk through , if I move the bags on the floor!

 Bags of bits and piece's everywhere. the boxes under the living room setting contain fabrics.Behind the board leaning up against the left is in front of a double cupboard.

 Looking back towards the door.

Well I have to confess I stood and studied the place for a while, thinking that I needed to rearrange the items on the shelf area above the room settings, where I keep the bigger props but needed to clear the worktop that juts out into the room in order to be able to place things on it while I sorted them.

So I went to get the small steps I'd bought especially for the studio. However my mind had gone off on a different path by the time I returned with them. I decided I needed to clear the floor first and make better use of all the cupboards.
The double cupboard behind the boards as we entered was under used, so I decided I would put all my fabrics into that cupboard and clear out whatever was inside, to go elsewhere.

I was able to reduce the fabric boxes down to just this one at the bottom which is now labelled, the middle box was emptied and then used to put all the Christmas props in and labelled and the top box had been in the cupboard and is full of socks, tights, bags and hats and that is now labelled.

 Now the cupboard has my fabric's in various piles and there is room for me to add more ( I've still got a way to go and I will find more fabrics etc ) , the two large balls of wool are just in there for the moment.

 This little box is holding some trinkets and bead packets.

 and this box , that did have some of the Christmas props in, now has the lace and trims.

 The pram was found a place in the display cupboard and the four rabbits and the bear were rescued from a wool bag! along with......

 The elephant, the two hitty dolls and the steiff dog!

I also found this little rolling pin , that fits perfectly on the little utensil shelf I purchased recently. I now need to decided where I want this put up. On the wall you can see behind in the photo between the range and the blue kitchen unit or over by the sink?

So I cleared three large shopping bags, four small plastic bags, two paper bags, two cotton bags, one knitting bag and emptied and removed one large Emma Bridgewater red box that you can see in the first couple of photos. I rearranged the contents of five boxes, one of which is still empty ready to use as I continue my quest.

Alas the worktop still looks like this but the cupboard under it is now being used properly and I'll be able to find my fabrics much easier. So a good three or so hours work.
Tomorrow I'll go back again to continue sorting out the area as you enter into the studio tackling the double cupboard to the side and under the living room setting and the boxes still standing in front of the doll display cupboard.
Hopefully I'll be able to clear off most of the worktop at the same time. I need to get a move On or Granny will be on my case as she's make a slap up lunch for Louella and her dad !



  1. Replies
    1. Yes it is and I may need Ali Baba to get me out !

  2. Personally I wouldn't have known just where to begin!
    Good luck with today's sorting.

    1. I had to spend several minutes trying to decide and still changed my mind!

  3. I thought WOW when I saw all that you had to do but sounds like you've made a big inroad into all the tidying and sorting. Well done you!
    I see dolls that I didn't even realise you had! Is that a Kish and a Boneka that I spy there in the photo with the Steiff elephant?
    Good luck with doing the rest!
    Big hugs xx

    1. I have been good and not wandered off to do other things as I would normally, I'm determined that now is the time to get it done, so I can use it through the summer !
      Yes that is a Kish and another little one sitting in the chairto the left of her and yes a Boneka girl in the blue and yes that is steiff but a dog not an elephant, although I do have a steiff blue elephant in the other cupboard.
      Thanks I will need it lol
      hugs xxx