Tuesday 7 April 2020


 Sapphire and Violet was working on their brownies gardening badge.

"Mum got these little children's seed boxes free from Marks and Spencers " says Sapphire
" Everything you need for the seeds come in the box, you just need to add some water " continues Violet

" You also need a small waterproof dish or container " she finishes.

" Inside the box is a small round brown plug, a square piece of paper and the box it's self is your plant pot " Sapphire places the small brown plug into the dish

Violet pours some water into the dish covering the plug. Then they watch..

The plug quickly grows taller and the water vanishes !

When the waters all gone Sapphire crumbles the plug to make sure it's all completely wet.
"This is the fibre we are going to grow the seeds in " Sapphire continues

"Now the fibre is in the pot it's time to add the seeds "

 Violet places the piece of paper containing the seeds into the pot, a perfect fit !

"You can see the seeds" Violet says " and how the water is already begining to soak them "

 " Next we use the final pieces of fibre to cover the seeds " Sapphire smiles happily

"Then " Violet continues " we add the little sign provided with the kit which tells us that these are Pepper seeds and how long sprouting,repotting and harvesting will take "

" So lets do the others " the girls chorus together.

 " add water then crumble "

" More seeds this time Pansy's " states Violet

 soon the girls have planted all the seeds kits up.

 " We have two pepper kits, two Viola and one Pansy kit " says Sapphire

 " We will put them in dad's greenhouse and wait to see if they grow ! " Violet says
" They will !" states Sapphire with confidence

Lets hope they do, the girls will keep watch and follow the instructions so that they can claim their gardening badges when their flowers and peppers grow nice and strong. Wish them luck!
We will check back on their progress in a couple of weeks.

These little kits are given away with a certain value purchase in M&S, I had hoped to let Clara enjoy 'planting ' them but due to the lockdown that wasn't possible so Sapphire and Violet , the budding village gardeners get to enjoy the job instead.



  1. Saphire and Violet stories are some of my favorites.

  2. I have had around seven of these so far but my only complaint is that you don't get to chose the ones that you want. I passed them on to a young member of our family...but never thought of using them for my Sasha Dolls enjoyment. Clever idea.

    1. True and you cannot tell what is inside each one without opening the wrapper.
      They are a great size for my budding gardeners :)

  3. These are great little kits Dee, I look forward to seeing the plants come up in a little while.

    1. And free with my shopping! so a bargain, just hope they come up now! lol xx

  4. It's a good thing that Frank isn't helping your girls. He would surely think those plugs were little cakes or brownies and try to eat one. What could be more logical (in his mind) than Brownies making brownies!

    1. I can just picture Frank sliding one of those little plugs off the table and into his mouth when he thought no one was paying attention!
      Could put him right off brownies........ no who am I kidding he'd probably chew and swallow then complain of feeling full and go off looking for something sweet to wash it down with!!

  5. Hello Sapphire and Violet. Hello Violet and Sapphire. ( I just want you to know you are both of equal importance to me and neither of you should always be the one I address first!)

    It is your Cousin Ivy here.
    I do wish I could join your Brownie pack and perhaps earn a gardening badge.
    Please let us know how the plants grow. Man has never been good with this type of growing and grows acres of spinach, male and peas. Everything is very GREEN which, though keeping us very healthy and tasting fine, is a little monotonous for the eyes.
    Do you have a greenhouse to grow things in? I'd like one of those.... or maybe not.... It contains the t word again.

    Bye for now,
    Ivy xxxx

    1. Hello Ivy, so nice to hear from you over there in welsh wales!
      You can join our brownie pack Ivy, just get your mame to make you a uniform and then get some seeds on the go for your badge.
      Alas we don't have a greenhouse...yet so we are using Dad's while we save up for one.
      Happy Easter
      Violet and Sapphire or is that Sapphire and Violet :)