Thursday 24 June 2021



"Excuse me Mum , but how come you took photos of Margot's shoes first ? "

"Well because she was closest"

" It really should have been me first for the buttons " Magda explains as if talking to an idiot ! " Yes I am the top button "

"Why are you laughing ? " demands Magda

" Well top button makes me think of a shirt " I giggle

Magda looks sternly at me 

" And " I continue " a top button is usually left open "

" So ? " questions Magda confused 

" Well it means that it's rarely seen " I leave her thinking that little gem over

Magda's shoes are by Rosie Bloom.

"Maybe I misspoke " Magda says " I should have said I am head button !"

" I see  and do your sisters and brother know you are head button? "

"Of course " smiles Magda " It goes without saying "

" As in they have not said this ? "

I get the look!

Casper arrives to see what Magda's up to. 

" See Mum, even Casper knows I'm top.. I mean head button . I bet he didn't come to see the others having their photos taken ! "

Mmm she's right about that... but no so sure her button siblongs would agree about her being the head button.

But hold on! She has some how managed to get five photos and not three......maybe she is head button....


  1. Margot and Magda both look delightul Dee, love that everything matches so well.

    BTW have you seen the new William Morris collection of clothes on Next? They even have smeakers in one of his prints!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you :)

      Oh no I have not seen them... I must go look , I can hear my bank card snapping as I type..... hugs xx

  2. Top or not, she's gorgeous - and wearing very fine shoes.

    1. I won't tell her, she will just take it as she is top! lol