Saturday 5 June 2021


 So our sixth month for doll day ! Let's get started.

Luise is checking on the tomato plants at the gnome house and very pleased that they are growing well.

Now she needs to talk to mum about where to plant them !

Over in Gregoropolis Barbara and Beatrix and thinking of taking the dogs out for a walk.

But being girls they are standing about chatting instead of starting their walk !

Well if you will stand about keeping two dogs waiting , they are going to enjoy themselves...

Over at RoRoPo the kids are discussing the height of the grass ! Mum asked if they would like to cut it for her, I don't think it will be happening , well not anytime soon if the fact they have now started talking about playing hide and seek !

Here in the village Violet and Sapphire are doing some gardening and their wheelbarrow is already overflowing and they have hardly started.

They have also looked in their garden shed and found that the floor is rotting and so will need to talk to dad about maybe making them a new one, when he's got time.

Many thanks to everyone taking part in the doll photo day, there is still time to have your photos added. Just send them in and they will be added.

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  1. Great pics! I would say Luise definitely has a green thumb. Love the moss covered wall at RoRoPo. A great place to sit and watch the world go by. Overgrown gardens and rotted wood...hmm...sounds exactly like our house!