Sunday 13 June 2021


 Well that week just flew by ! I didn't even manage to add a post between Sundays!! Could be the weather ? It is getting very hot here in the UK , not something we are used to !

We're more three or even six seasons in a day type of country, so when we get a truly hot spell it starts.... you know the drill...

I'll do it later when it's cooler.......... Oh it's dark now

I'll get up early tomorrow and do it, it will be cooler first thing........ open door to blast of hot air

It's bound to be cooler tomorrow........... No it's not!

It's starting to cool down, I'll go outside in a moment with the camera, who wants to watch a film....... Oh it's dark out !

I'll take the doll outside now it's cooling down and can get those photos, oh she's dressed for winter that won't do......... oh it's time for dinner

I'll do it now!.......................... No it's just too hot I cannot be a**ed

and that pretty much sums it up! 

So what snall things have been happening here in the village.. well I finalled decided that the two nicely made Petitcollin natterer boxes, that have sat in a corner of the living room , because they really were just too nice to just breakup and throw away, needed a new home, so I offered them on the natterer group to anyone willing to pay the postage and received an email within half n hour from someone who wanted them. So they are packed up and ready to go to their new home tomorrow.

I also popped to my neighbours garden and took a couple of photos of their gazebo which Paul put up for them and we have both been helping with where to place things.

Their one is side on to the adjointing fence opposite our flower garden area.

They used to have an old shed here but it was falling down, we gave them our  shed from the end of our garden and they put this shed at the end of theirs freeing up this the old shed  space for the gazebo which they want to give them the feel of  being in France, a favourite holiday desination of theirs.

I think it looks lovely and fits right in amoungst their trees.

In our garden we have been continuing the planting and repotting thats needed this time of year, along with digging out weeds and discussing what needs doing over the summer and also over the coming year.

I managed to sell another doll, which is nice and did get another in, yes I know that's counter productive but I had wanted this doll for a good while but she wasn't available in UK wearing the outfit I wanted her in. So when she came back in stock I just decided to get her rather than miss the chance and then regret it.

She is a Petitcollin Natterer Finouche Charlotte and I just love everything about her , from her soft wavy curly hair to her patterned crops and sandels.

 So I am very happy to have added her to my natterer family.

I also sold another couple of items from the sales page , so it's all going slowly but almost in the right direction.

However remember those natterer boxes I told you about earlier, well one was in a picture sleeve and then in another pictured box and one was just a box marked with the maker name. So after I had left them sitting about for ages, a few days back I opened the basic box and inside found what I thought was a pair of pants. Then I came across a small striped t shirt. So I put them to one side. 

On deciding to offer the boxes on, I needed to take photos, seeing the pictured sleeve encasing the box I was in two minds whether to remove it and check inside but in the end decided I would.
Well thank goodness I did  ! For inside was a complete outfit of summer dress, pants, shoes and a straw hat!

So then on looking at the previous discovery I realised the blue floral item was not a pair of pants but a pair of shorts! So two complete outfits. I have just the two minouche dolls that need to get out of warmer clothing and into these ones. Just goes to prove you should always check any box or bag completely if intending to send it off or throw it out!.

On the female side of my family we have a saying.... Pretties treasures.... this we will say to each other, or even ourselves, when we come across an item or items that appeal to our heart, even if they have no practical use in some cases.
It can be hard being such a person ,because more often than not you have to walk away buts sometimes you also have to give in and so it was when I saw these small cases.

They were being sold separately, so you could choose whichever size or number you wanted, they will sit inside , the top to middle then middle to bottom, so to store would be only size of biggest case but whats the fun in that !

I made the purchase thinking maybe I could give them to Princess Clara but she's only three and does she really need these at this time? No ..... Yes I know that was quick.... 

So what could I use them for ? Then I had it! The top one will be used for my doll Gigi's clothes and bits and pieces, she does not have much at present just a change of clothes.

I asked Gigi what she thought ?

She said " I only have one other outfit , so it will take me years to fill this case even if it's the smallest !"
I told her not to worry I was on the 'case'  ;)

So I already knew just what I'd use the other two bogger cases for.

The Natterer Minouche dolls clothes can go in the middle one and the Finouche dolls in the largest one.

See I knew they would come in handy! Yes I know I only have one single dress that can go in the biggest case, but I am in the process of sorting out all my non sasha dolls clothes , so am bound to find a few more items! 

Now I just have to find the space for them to stand in the studio........sorry I didn't quite catch that?.... Oh good luck..... Thanks  ... I think... 

I hope you all have a happy healthy week ahead filled with dolls plus pretties and tresures.



  1. Your Paul is really an artist! This gazebo also looks wonderful and cosy and, indeed, very french!
    The little Charlotte is a sweetie, surely you could not resist her, that's only natural! And I'm sure you will help Gigi to fill her lovelynice new boxes soon with lovely clothes.
    I enjoyed reading this post, I had to smile very very often, thank you so much! Lovely pictures!

    1. Thank you, my neighbour will be trilled that you agree it looks very french :)
      I do have a pattern for an outfit for Gigi , just need to commit to making it!
      So glad it made you smile :)

  2. I can see why you fell for Charlotte Dee, she's beautiful. It's difficult not to fall in love with Natterer dolls, they all have very endearing faces. I wish I had room for the Finouche size, but I don't so I have to settle for my four little Minouche. 😊 I like your suitcases too ... you do know they make marvellous doll rooms for tiny dolls, don't you?
    Big hugs,

    1. I always think I will tick to the little ones and then I see a bigger one I just cannot resist and then the slippery slope is in progress!
      Ah ! I think I have seen a few of those mini case dolls rooms.... you realsie I would have to buy another one or two in a different style for dollroom making....Pardon? Any excuse...... well.... maybe... okay yes any excuse :) lol

  3. I know what you mean. Time's just flying by - another day gone, and only a fraction of my plans carried out... and it's getting worse the older I get!
    I wish I was your neighbour, it could do with a gazebo just like this one! Hmmm well our garden is way too small.

    1. I'm never sure if it's time flying by or too many plans and not enough time ;)
      You can buy those gazebo's in smaller sizes...just