Monday 28 June 2021



Olivia is of the opinion that your shoes do not have to be an exact colour match to the main part of your outfit. She believes that finding a colour from maybe the small patches in the patterned fabric works just as well.

Which is why she chose these tomato red sheos by Rosie Bloom to link with the red flowers in her top.

" And I think you will find Mum, that we allow Magda to lead unless we disagree and then we take a vote !" Olivia informs me quietly.. even though I didn't say a work !

" But what if it's a draw ? " I say 

" Then we will ask Hattie to vote , since she is in charge "

" I thought I was in charge !" I say

Olivia smiles and says softly " Why yes Mum ... of course you are... " and goes off back inside.

Her words make me think.....have they ever asked me to cast a deciding vote? ...... Mmm I cannot remember having to .....


  1. OLivia is right: shoes matching to the pattern of the top look very good! Good choice!
    Yes, sometimes the children make you think ;-)

    1. She is and yes those children are always making me think... mainly about what are
      they up to !!

  2. Olivia is right on there, matching is lovely, co-ordinating is nice too, but has the added benefit of variety depending on the colours in her outfit.
    Big hugs,

    1. She is and yes the more colours on your outfit the more choice you have Hugs x