Saturday 19 June 2021


 A pile of mainly Rosie Bloom shoes with some J Jensen and some others.

I figured it was easier to bring in this drawer of shoes and then match some to the outfits.

I also found a small plastic bag in my desk with several pairs of shoes in it!! which I added to these.

I do love Rosie's shoes.

Along with the late Jean Jensen shoes another wonderful shoe maker.

and these are just from one drawer  and the found bag..... I do have more Sasha shoe makers shoes, Marti and Monica to name but another two quality makers.

Bit at least the button's plus a couple of others do now have shoes although some not quite as perfect a match as I's like ... see even with all these shoes there is never just the right shade......


  1. Crikey! And I thought my dolls and I had a shoe fetish! But we are nowhere near as bad as you lot over there. LOL!
    Big hugs,

    1. Lol I'm ashamed to say this is just the one drawer ! They have too many shoes, way more than all us 'real' people in the house!
      hugs x

  2. Whew what a colourful amount of shoes! That's amazing! None of your kids will ever have to complain about having no shoe. And each girl can live out her shoe-dreams... Great!

    1. This is what comes of having been a Sasha collector for ten years ! all their shoes and clothes etc start to add up!
      These children are so spoilt! :)