Wednesday 30 June 2021



All the button girls came outside for a group photo. 
"Where is Olivia? "
"Here " a voice calls 
"I cannot see you " I call back " Can you stand on a couple of pots? "
" No! I will fall and then spend another three years waiting to 
be repaired and laying around in piececs! "

" It was not three years " I defend myself 
" Well it was not just a week or two ! "
I realise I won't win this arguement , because she does have a valid point !

So instead I give her a piece of wood to stand on and take the photo from a different angle .

Octavia is quite shocked at the talk of buttons laying around in pieces for years! So to take their minds off it, I say " Ice cream for everyone!"
And they are soon inside checking out the freezer for their favourite flavour and all talk of pieces and years forgotten as they start eating!


  1. Well I hope your little buttons didn't drip icecream all over their pretty clothes!
    Big hugs,

    1. Mmm I not to sure but I did pass the batyhroom door and hear whispering inside and the sound of the tap running ! And they all came out and jumped when they saw me !
      Suddenly they pushed Bea to the back and all walked off like they were stuck together..... I think someone may have been washing for some icecream drips and the others were covering for her... Hugs xx