Sunday 6 June 2021


 Another week is gone and it's been a busy one here. But if you have a house and a large garden it does tend to be a busy time of year especially outside, even without me and my ideas and Paul's talent to make them happen!

The gazebo is almost finished  but a final part was added this week when Paul made the frame for the vintage tiles I had for under the window on the side wall.

We had the space under the window from matching the two longer windows beside the long short one.

I had this tile which I had bought a few years back and had plans to use indoors when I thought it , along with some others, would finsh that wall off perfectly. I was slightly reluctant to use it outside becasue I love it but in the end I decided it looked too good with the colours in the window not to use it.

But it did give me an excuse to buy some more tiles to match in with the colours in the stained glass.

So these are the ones we have used. Paul's amde the frame so it can be removed and the tiles changed if needed and I may chaneg the one on the far right at some stage for one with a creamy yellow background to match the middle and end ones.

So now the wood just needs sealing and then it's done.

We moved this little stone head from under the Lychgate , where it wasn't really seen , down to this wall and we may, if we see anything suitable, add another item or two in the years to come. But for now it's time to enjoy it.

On the doll front , I have sold a few clothes but still need to bite the bullet and get more on sale and also some more dolls. 
The weather this coming week is set to be good, so I'm going to finally get back inot the studio and finish getting the space I need to start story blogging again by the end of the month. I also now need to redress the dolls for summer ! It's a lot of work having sooo many children here ! 
I also have to sort the boys out with their postcard to the Gregoropolis boys or they will be old men by the time it arrives !

So not alot happening on the doll front last week but a lot of plans for the coming one.

Have a lovely healthy doll filled week ahead



  1. The tiles look great Dee, but I agree with your desire to change the one on the right hand side, it's just doesn't have quite the same inmpact as the others. The stone head also looks good against the timber wall.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you. Yes that last tile needs to match in better.
      hugs xx

  2. What a lovely place you two have created! All those little items, now well in place! This is a wonderful room for relaxation, to enjoy the garden, I hope you will spent many happy hours in it!

    1. Thank you. It's getting plenty of use due to the lovely weather we are having at present. :)

  3. Fab, as is everything you and Paul do. Can I move in,please?😊

    1. Thank you. Maybe we'll take bookings once covid is over.. ;)

  4. This is absolutely beautiful Dee, I love every part of the new gazebo, such a great job you and Paul have done on it.
    I hope you'll both enjoy using it for many many years to come.
    Big hugs xxx

    1. Thank you :) I'm sure it will get lots of use in the coming years Hugs xx