Sunday 20 June 2021


 Yes it's already the third Sunday in the month! And what a month it's been so far with the heatwave that has swept the UK. 

I finally got round to finishing cleaning my bargain crate of terracotta pots.

I have stacked this last lot of around seventy pots into this plastic box with a lid, to store until ready to use. Now we just have to go and collect another fifty plus that a good friend as kindly given us.

This panda has been hiding at the top of the gazebo for around a week , getting some fresh air as he arrived smelling very scented! Problem is I keep forgeting he is up there ! He needs to be high up as Rufus thinks any soft toy ,even on a table, needs retrieving! I am forever having to call him back as he vanishes off round the garden , toy in mouth, parading his trophy !

So the heatwave finally ended with the forecast of days of rain and lower temperatures to come ! I all for some rain and also some lower temperatures as long as it's not for weeks !

The Panda even stayed there through Friday's day of  heavy rain ! But came in none the worse for it and still will a small scented smell !!!

Unfortunately due to the wind ripping up the gazebo roofing a few weeks back and then it being too hot to be climbing about said roof, the heavy rain was able to find a way in and soak some of the sofa cushions, so thats another job that needs doing as soon as the weather allows.

Today Sunday's been dry but so overcast that the wet shrubs from Friday are still wet ! It's also Fathers day in the UK and also Courtney, our youngest , birthday, so lots of sending and receiveing of cards etc. Courtney wanted some things for the garden, so we have got her a lovely green/blue glazed flower pot and a Hydrangea in a vibrant red. So we'll be off to visit her and deliver her present soon.

Also the week before last I finally caught up with a friend I used to work with and we had a nice couple of hours chatting over a cup of tea  in my case, coffee in hers, in the outside seating area of a large garden centre that is between where we both live. It also meant I finally got to drive my car for the first time in months !

While waiting fir her to arrive I found a lovely chunky vase in recycled glass that I could not resist.

I don't know about you , but I cannot remember the last time I bought a vase. There are so many shapes and styles around now, that I had thought , a long while back, about adding a few different styles and sizes to the few I already own. I rarely cut flowers from the garden, preferring for them to stay in their natural home but I have now decided that it would be nice to once in a while bring some into the house to enjoy.

So on the doll front I have managed to sell a few more clothes but I have not really been making much of an effort to list things to sell which I really need to start doing. It was my intention to get into the studio last week and get organising but that never happened , so that is now down for this week. The  display cupboards need sorting to get the dolls back in and this coming week's the time to do it.

I did have a couple of things arrive this week but not dolls but books and fabric.

I bought this beautiful book on Hydrangeas , we have several in the garden and would like to add a few more. They make for beautiful heads of colour both in the garden and also when cut and in the house. It would be nice to bring a few large flowers into the house and to put them in my new vase.

I also bought another Kaffe Fassett book after I purchased some precut patchwork bundles in his wonderful bright fabrics. I am really looking forward to making something with his wonderful bright fabric and the book on Cushions and pillows may be just the inspration I need to get me sewing!

Lastly I bought another of Helen Fields detective novels after almost catching up with all the books available by M J Arlidge. Probably is that once I start reading a book, thats all I want to do  ! So I will try and pace them or I will get nothing done for another week!.

Now that the country is slowly starting to open up, I'm hoping that we will be able to hold the Chat n Snap this year. The original theme meant for 2020 was supposed to be children being sent off to safety during the start of the war but now I have decided to make the theme a wedding because if we have to cancel it again, I won't have so much to store until 2022 . I am hoping it will go ahead as everyone , including me, is looking forward to finally getting together again.

So that just leaves me to wish you all a happy healthy week ahead 


ps and a Happy Birthday to Merrick 


  1. June is flying by fast. Glad you got some respite from the heat. We did too, with some much needed rain today, but it sounds like the temps will be climbing back up this coming week. I think the problem with trying to sell anything these days is that we you consider all the time you invest, it just doesn't seem to be worth it.

    1. I like the respite from the heat if it did not have so much rain attached to it!
      You are so right, it takes so long to sell things, find it, take picture, decide price, put on ebay, sale page etc, answer questions, pack up,work out postage, take to post office, wait to see if person happy ! It's like having a proper job!!!

  2. I wish we were having a heatwave, it's freezing down here! Looks like you are going to be busier than ever Dee with all that lovely fabric to make into cushions. I haven't added any more to my shop either. I enjoy making much more than selling, but what do you do with it all????
    Big hugs,

    1. You can have our heat waves as long as we don't get loads of rain instead !
      I'm looking forward to using that fabric and book.
      Yes if you make too much then where does it all go ? How many 'presents' can a person give... and maybe its too nice to give away!
      Hugs x

  3. These fabrics make me drool... but in fact I'm too lazy to sew so there's no need of more fabrics. No, no!
    Our dachshunds never take anything from tables at home, but when we visit my mum, our Kuno always finds something to chew when he thinks he's not watched - wool balls are his favourite. And he certainly steals them out of furniture! It's quite embarrassing.. I thought I'd trained him...

    1. Lol sorry for the temptation! I already have too much fabric but could not resist these to add to my growing pile!
      Rufus likes to find pieces of paper from the wastepaper basket and show it off to everyone because we will then call him and try to see what it is and he parades like he is carrying some treasure!Casper needs to have something, his own teddy or a cushion in his mouth when people come into room for first time as it stops him jumping up!