Sunday 27 June 2021


 So we are almost slapbang in the middle of 2021 ! The weather has turned very british , so it's almost like back to normal ! Well almost , I am due to go to a baby shower , which was going to be held in a small hall but due to the carrying on of restrictions is now being held on a beach ! So here's hopeing for some sun, in a week or so, to combat the sea breeze !

I finally started a bit more reorganising which is starting to turn into a ... Theres too much stuff! It's got to go!! But the problem with that is some sneaky dolls, who have been sitting in their cloth bags for the winter and spring , upon being removed into the daylight, look at me with sparkling eyes and a small smile and then I'm ..oh I do love your face... you can stay!! and you must get some shelf space so I can see you again! and so it continues!

Problem is I only have so much shelf space and I have worked out that for every five dolls that leave at least two others arrive! But it's not just dolls, it's their accessories too, so many 'things' to go through and decide what doll it belonged to or fits and then to move it on or store in a smaller box with the dolls name on.

Then we have the wool/yarn ! I have moved all my yarn boxes under the carport ,where they are safe and dry and not filling up my doll studio.. then today while looking for something I come across loads more yarn in various bags and boxes ! Now this I don't want to sell as I should use it up but do I have another forty or more years to work my way slowly through all this yarn? and it will be slowly because I am not the fastest knitter in the land far from it ! We won't even mention Fabric ! 

Sometimes I wish I was back in my old Edwardian five bed semi ,where I would have the luxury of using one of those bedroom to store all my things but then I think it would only be worse and I'd probably have three bedrooms crammed with things, as at least living here, in this three bedroom home does stop me from buying all the lovely furniture I see and drawl over.

I did consider maybe restricting the amount of each doll type I owned, like say only six of each..... exactly !! that cannot work especially with the Sashas, I have six button nosed kids and five no navels , just to start with ! I could leave the Sashas out of that cull but there are a few that can be included just no way will there only be six left at the end!

If I had enough space I would probably keep them all but I am fed up with having to keep quite a few in boxes which then clucker up the house .

But I have made a start, so lets hope they all go quickly so I don't decide that one or six can stay...

Due to someone , mentioning no names but you know who you are ! lol , I nipped over to the next website after them saying that Next had clothing made with William Morris fabric !

One of the labels , I'll say no more about what happened...

We have been working in the garden on and off depending on the weather and doing general household jobs. Due to the amount of rain recently, the garden is suddenly full to overflowing with plants seeming to have added feet rather than inches and leaves appearing twice their normal size!

If you look at the plant on the right of this photo, it's the Black Tulip Magnolia and the leaves are huge and also the most I have ever seen on it. The white flowers at the back are roses of The Rambling Rector ,which we will need to have a good cut back of in the autumn as hidden beneath it are a couple of Holly bushes!

On the doll front two have left for new homes and one arrived.. yes I know .... but two did leave! One was a Sasha who had not been here long Stella and I did love her look but since I have not given her a character it is easier to let her go than another doll who I have invested in , which is why I have put my single fringe girl back on the market. There will be another couple of Sasha / Gregor's on the list but mainly non Sasha dolls.

I have decided to keep a list of dolls sold and dolls arriving this year and that list is already  long, although some have come in , only to leave again quite quickly. 

Can I let this one escape the cull? she is a beauty......

Well I need to go and carry on listing dolls before I start caving in !

Have a lovely healthy doll filled week ahead



  1. She IS a beauty!
    I do know that yarn/fabric problem so well! I used up a lot of yarn recently, now I have a stack of Sasha sweaters.... and there seem to be more wool balls than there were when I started. Can't be I did buy so many again???
    Sometimes I wish I had a larger house, too, but it would be no good - I could fill a castle with all the nice things I'd like to collect...

    1. Yes and already been adopted!"
      lol thats what it's like here , some yarn gets used then more appears ? how's that happen.... it's a mystery !
      Exactly if there is any space we WILL fill it!

  2. This clearing out is not really working well for either of us Dee. No sooner something goes out the door another parcel arrives!! I often wish for a bigger house but it only means more rooms to fill and fill it I would. 😏

    And what's this label? How can you possibly do that to us when we are all dying to see what WM item you let jump into your cart?
    Big hugs,

    1. LOL No not quite got the hang of it!
      I will share a peek next weekend :) Hugs x