Sunday, 19 December 2021


 Well I'm not exactly sure where that week went ! But go it did ! I was intending to go into the studio yesterday to carry on with Granny's Christmas tale but the day was so grey and dull , the lighting would have been terrible, so it didn't happen.

However we did spend this week getting the Christmas tree up, after a discussion on size !

We put up the tree and even standing on a box it was just too small ! Paul was like it's fine ! I'm like it's

lost it's so tiny ! and it is five foot ! without the box !

So we ordered a nice seven foot tree ! It comes and then finally on Friday Paul puts it together.

It's lovely and big ! However it's stopping most of the light coming through the front window! Which in winter is not a good thing since the light can be quite low! So it needs a new home for the twelve days of Christmas !

So after a big rearrangement of the furniture in the day room, it's now standing proud and looking good,

and can be seen through the doors from the living room  and 

from the dinning/kitchen table.

One day I'm going to buy a star or angel for the top of the tree but so far I have never managed to get round to it !.

Today , Sunday, it's been very cold and although the light was better, but still not brilliant, I didn't have time to get out into the Studio, what with one thing and another, but tomorrow I have to get the story moving, so good light or bad, I'll be out there.

On the doll front, I sold a small doll prop and bought a Sasha ! Yes I gave in to temptation and bid and won a Sasha , all because I have a wig and an idea ! Yes that is now it works with me sometimes ! I have no idea if the wig will even fit the Sasha or if she'll look how I want her to but only her arrival sometime this week and wig placement will tell !

So on that note I will wish you all a Happy Healthy fun filled week ahead

Dee x


  1. That tree looks nice and inviting! Christmas can come...

    1. Thanks, Yes we are now ready for it.. almost ! ;)

  2. We didn't even put up a tree this year. There's no good place without doing a whole bunch of furniture rearranging, and no one was in the mood for that, so maybe next year. I personally think that buying another Sasha is never a bad idea. Even if they don't turn out to suit your original intent, they still can contribute in unexpected ways.

    1. Understandable with the year you have had. Plus furniture moving is a pain.
      Yes another Sasha is never a bad move and I'm sure she'll tell me whats what when she gets here , if she's anything like the rest of them!