Monday, 20 December 2021


 Or is she ?

Well Angelica has arrived, my totally unexpected purchase although the idea of her was rattling round in my head.

I had bought this sheep's wool wig for a non Sasha doll , but it just didn't suit that style of doll, so I decided that maybe a waif Sasha would look okay in it!

So then with her now arriving just before Christmas, the name Angel stuck in my mind and then on her arrival Angelica. 

I have trimmed her original hair which was very frizzy and at present the wig is over whats left. Now I have to decide does the wig work ? and if so do I remove the rest of her hair or leave and manage as is?

Answers/opinions in the comments please :) 

Does the wig need trimming so it rests just on her shoulders? 

So here she is ! Angelica ( whose name I always associate with the Rug Rats cartoon the girls watched as kids who was no Angel !) will she make it to New Year with the wig ? Who knows ! I never do !

Without the wig and her fringe was like this when she arrived 


  1. The lenght looks good but it's a bit big. How to say in Englisch... hmmm... it looks as if it does not sit well on her head. It looks a bit more like a cap or - a wig, not her hair. But if you can fit it better to her head, I think it will work. What does her original hair - or what is left of it - look like? This may help to decide what to do...

    1. It's sitting on her original hair, which is why it's not sitting quite right.
      I have added a photo of her with out the wig to help with peoples decisions !

    2. She looks good, if not angelic, with her original hair. The wig is beautiful, but I think her original hair will suit her better. The cut is better than expected.

    3. Her hair does look okay short but I bought her to use the wig, so I will have to think on this and see what others think :)

  2. Thanks Linda. I do agree that if she keeps the wig, her hair will have to go in order for it to sit better on her head and help it not look to big.
    Decisions Decisions ! :)

  3. Seen from back, the wig looks lovely. So probably with the original hair gone, it will be alright. And if not, there's always the occasional wig that might be a better match.
    I must confess I hate the job of cutting a waif's hair back to the scalp...

    1. I agree that the back view looks fine. It is always a job and a half to remove the hair from the Sasha's.
      I will wait to after Christmas day to decide if it all needs to go !!! :)
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the wig :)