Wednesday, 29 December 2021


 Well it's that sort of strange period between Christmas and New Year , where one is over and the other yet to appear !

We are sort of in no man's land, waiting for New Year to arrive and then on the 2nd normal life starts up again.

I don't know about you all, but I cannot quite settle to anything during this time. I have to stop myself taking all the decorations down and recycling the Christmas cards and putting the place back to normal.

So instead I have been going through my Sasha clothing and put a bunch on my sales page in an early quest to make more space and reduce the amount of boxes I have. I have a long way to go on that quest!

However a few items have already gone and I also sold on a couple of dolls over Christmas, with a third on hold for the new year.

Erik and Robin are wearing some knitted jackets I bought off Michelle at the Chat n Snap back in October. I loved the yarn she'd used but when I asked about getting a couple more for some of the other boys, she told me the yarn was no longer available.

However I searched Ebay and managed to find someone selling five different coloured balls of the yarn. So I bought them and sent them off to Michelle to make me some more jackets. One a brown ball I told her she could keep.

The new jackets arrived before Christmas, so it's just a case of seeing which of the dolls need them to help keep warm during the winter months. So that will be something for the New Year.

Granny's tale will continue in the new year once normal life returns .


  1. Yes it's a funny time, between the years. As a child I learned we're not to do the washing until this is over, but I never heard the reason why - bad karma, probably.
    Love these cardis! The tweedy yarn is very pretty.

  2. Handsome lads. I think is the brunette of your NP eye trio, Ragnor will definitely need one of those cardis too.