Thursday, 9 December 2021


 "Well " says Granny Fortuna once their visitor is inside " why are you here ? "

For a minute there is just silence then Bruno says " I asked her to come "

Granny glares at Bruno " You did ! Why may I ask "

" B b b  ecause we n n need help " stutters Bruno under granny's hard stare " We are never going to get this s  s  shop open before Christmas if we don't have another pair of hands " 

" I could have hired someone " Granny states

" But you didn't !" Bruno continues warming to his subject and his stutter disappearing " you have just buried your head in the sand muttering and groaning and we have both been exhausted and barely able to climb the stairs to bed all week "

Granny's face softens " But we are almost done "

Bruno rolls his eyes " We are not ! then when we open there will just be you all day until I'm home from school and then just me ! If we have help, there will be time for you to rest more in the evenings and at the weekends "

Granny knows Bruno is talking sense but she's not giving in easy .

"And what do you know about shop keeping and customer service ? " she casks her glare on her granddaughter 

" Well I helped in Mumma's bakery " Granny makes the sign of the cross at mention of her late child " then after she died I helped Papa until he sold the business "

" You would have been but a baby " scoffs Granny

"Mumma took me everyday and when I was big enough I stood on a chair and served the customers from behind the counter " She responded a little angrily " I am a good hard worker !"

" Mmm " Granny replied " That's for me to decide whether you are any good . You can start now, help Bruno finish those shelves, he's taking forever , then get this floor cleared "

" You can sleep in the little bedroom at the back " she says as she heads off

" What about pets ? " 

" Nasty dirty creatures, no pets allowed , so decide  the job or the pet " Granny hurries off.

"Welcome home " says Bruno with a big grin patting her on the shoulder " It will be so nice to have you here "

" But what about Mini ? " She whispers " I cannot leave her alone all day plus it's getting cold out , she needs shelter "

" Take her round the back , there is a couple of outhouses, put her in the one by the gate and I'll bring out a blanket and a heater, she'll be fine there for a while " says Bruno.

" Okay but she's good at escaping I don't know how long it will work " she sighs

" Come on think positive , if you make yourself indispensable she'll accept Mini " say Bruno , veer the optimist 



  1. Aww this is so thrilling! I'm looking forward to the going on of this story! Granny, don't you be so stern! You could do with a little help, and you could be a bit more - now... nice...

    1. I think Granny is just protecting her heart from getting hurt again after her daughter left and then died while they were still estranged. :(
      Who knows where this will lead us.....

    2. Yes this makes perfectly sense. And this is a story I did not know. Where in your blog may I find it?

    3. This was way back when this pongratz girl arrived, so long since that I cannot remember when plus I cannot remember what name I gave her, so she's about to get a new one, name that is !

  2. Poor little elephant! I hope Granny's heart will soon soften for Mini.

    1. Yes poor Mini ! I hope she's warm enough in that outhouse. Granny's heart soften.....mmm

  3. I think this is the beginning of a sweet little family reunion. I'm sure granny will come around. She just has to put on a gruff act for a while.

    1. I do hope so. Bruno is needs another young person in the family and Granny's not getting any younger and another pair of hands will help :)