Monday, 6 December 2021


 Well it's been a week and a half as the saying goes ! I've yet to get back into the studio to see just what Granny is up to , but I'm probably safe because she's busy getting the shop straight.However I'm getting nowhere fast ! It's the sixth today and I still have a couple of gifts to buy and I also need to start wrapping things up. Plus get the tree out the loft along with the decorations and start to make the place look festive.

Paul had his small op, so is needing to recover and will hopefully be feeling more himself in a few days.

I saw a lovely doll, non Sasha, that I'd have loved as a Christmas present but unfortunately it's on US Ebay and they don't send to UK ! But there you go, my loss will be someone else's gain. 

However I did finally get a couple of items to finish off by Christmas dresser display. Unfortunately I had to return two Emma B items because the pattern had not been placed correctly , to say I was disappointed with this happening twice is an understatement. I decided that if I want to get either of the plates/ platters I returned I'd have to go and find them in the shops because I could not face getting a third parcel with a faulty plate.

However I did find a lovely cake plate on John Lewis site, so used some vouchers I had for that and although not Emma B, I think it looks nice.

Today a chair that I bought for the dolls arrived.

So when I bought it I thought it was identical apart from the fabric to my other armchair I recently bought. No of course not!

Luckily they will be either side of the fireplace so hopefully will not stand out so much that one seat is higher than the other or maybe a cushion will be called for ! This comes of me trying to save ! When I found the green chair I also found a pair of blue and white checked chairs being sold together but the postage seemed quite high, so I went for the green.

If I'd bought the pair of blue ( which I would have been hit with import tax later ) they would have cost in total the same as these two chairs have cost me but with the extra for the tax but I would have had a pair of identical sized chairs !  

On the doll front two dolls have found new homes , which is lovely , no dolls have arrived which is a minor miracle. In fact apart from the chair arriving today no other doll items have appeared! So could I be getting better.... best to wait on that !

Well I'll finish here as I can hear Granny calling from the studio, I wish you all a lovely healthy fun filled week ahead.


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