Sunday, 12 December 2021



It's mid morning on Sunday and Sophia is in the shop inspecting the floor she's just finished hoovering.

She decides to give a last clean of the Christmas trees , to stop any needles dropping before open day.

Bruno appears behind the counter " Granny say you can stay for dinner " 

Sophia is tempted to turn the offer down but then decides it will save her having to cook plus pay for a meal. " Thank you " she smiles at her cousin.

Bruno looks around " I'm so glad you are here to help , I'd still be trying to clear that floor if It was just me working on it ! "

Bruno suddenly realises that Mini is rooting about in the display unit drawer !

"Mini ! No you must not dig about in there you could break something !"

Mini looks up at Bruno and grunts , as if to say It's fine don't worry I'll be careful !

Bruno looks back amazed because he was sure he just heard Mini talk in his head !

Mini wanders over to where Sophia is giving a last minute hoover to a unit. He starts rooting in those drawers, checking out the goodies.

"There are quite a few spaces left to fill " Sophia says to Bruno " and we'd best put thise cakes and pies undercover until tomorrow "

Bruno comes out from behind the counter " Come on put that hoover away, while I get the cakes etc sorted " he smiles " Then if Mini goes back into the shed we can go and have a sit down while Granny finishes getting dinner ready "

" Good Idea " agrees a tired Sophia " and lets not mention the empty shelves , we can finish then before we open tomorrow "

" Agreed " smiles Bruno , feeling really happy to have Sophia around.

They do the last few jobs , pop Mini in his shed  along with a bucket of water and some fresh hay and then head upstairs catching the smell of  dinner as they go .

Everything is set for the grand opening tomorrow. only eleven shopping days to Christmas , let's hope the customers come and give the shop a good start.

Luckily for Granny the schools have closed early this year, so there should be plenty of people around looking for their last minute purchases.


  1. Gosh, anyone who offers to do the vacuuming is A-OK in my book!

    1. If only I could get them to help indoors ! But that little hoover would fail in two seconds with all the dogs bits of twig !

  2. Dee, what are those 3 figures sitting on the top shelf? Are those Thunderbird action figures? John

    1. Hi John. They are Captain Scarlet, Lt Green and Colonel White.

      I do have a thunderbird figure but he's not out there yet :)