Thursday, 2 December 2021



" Bruno ! Look at all this mess! Why is the floor still full of goods ? " demands Granny entering the shop 

" You told me to fill the food shelves ! " says Bruno turning from where he is busily filling said shelves " I cannot clear the floor if I'm up here filling the shelves "

"Well if i have to wait until Monday to open the shop , the loss will come out of your wages !" States Granny firmly

" What wages ? " replies Bruno " you told me it was illegal to pay a child to work ! Which is why I just get pocket money and there is not much of that !"

" Mmm  arh.. well it is illegal and there won't be any pocket money if we are late opening as everyone will go into the big towns or on the telenet and get their goods " Granny says.

"It's internet not telenet " grins Bruno " and why can you not start helping clear the floor ? "

" I have to ring the suppliers about the fresh bread and cake delivery " Granny quickly says

" Well I will start on the floor next " sighs Bruno then mutters " I'd hate for some old granny not to get a Christmas present due to lack of funds "

" Pardon ! " Granny calls as she heads towards the office 

" Nothing " Bruno calls back as Granny disappears from view closing the door  " and that's what you'll be getting.. nothing " says Bruno laughing quietly to himself

We all know Bruno is too nice not to get Granny a Christmas present but it won't be much of one if she doesn't give him all his hard earned pocket money !


  1. What a stern granny she seems to be... poor Bruno! We all hope Santa Claus will send some warm-hearted thoughts to her so she will get Bruno a decent Christmas gift!

  2. Granny has a rather Dickensian mindset when it comes to employee relations. Maybe she'll get visited by a ghost one of these nights!