Sunday, 5 December 2021


 Well Granny does not believe in opening on a Sunday, which is just as well as today is the fifth so doll photo day !

First up is Ulli and Paul from Gregoropolis admiring the Christmas tree , Ulli looking very pretty in her new Ginny dress

Meanwhile Sally is looking very glamourous and ready for the Christmas party in her up to the minute on trend clothes.

From Ursula ,we have the Advent countdown with Vivienne and Phil looking at the first of the candles lit , I think they are starting to get excited that Christmas will soon arrive !

At Halyna's , Tomas is opening the advent calendar and seeing which jar of delicious jam they will get today!

He shares it with Elvine , who is loving all the different flavours they are finding each day.

"Happy Holidays " They chorus to everyone watching " we hope you get a lovely present !"

At RoRoPo they are so excited that the Christmas tree is up, they have decided to become the decorations! I think they are hoping Santa won't see them when he comes to leave the presents!

Here in the village it appears there's been an accident !! 

Oh no thank goodness It's just Percy checking over the sleigh , I wonder whose sleigh it is ? It cannot be Santa's surely ! I did ask Percy but he just smiled and carried on ! 

Many thanks to everyone for sending in their photos, no just today but also throughout the year. They are seen and enjoyed by many and much appreciated by us here in the village.
Still time to have yours added , just send it in.

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  1. Everyone's Sasha families are looking so festive. I wonder if perhaps granny has hired Percy to operate a delivery service for her. Small retailers have to stay competitive, you know!;-)