Saturday 31 December 2022


 Well what a year it as been! Some glorious ups and the some heart breaking downs. Naturally I refer to the glorious weekend we all had celebrating  Queen Elizabeth II seventy years on the British throne. The country and most of the world joined in to celebrate, we had a garden party for a few close friends.

And then just a few months later we were mourning her loss. The country almost came to a stop while we dealt with this unexpected blow. Yes we knew it would happen sometime, just we did not expect it to happen then. Her mother had lived to around 101 and so i for one would always think she'd still be around at that similar age.

We now have a King, still strange after having a queen on the throne all my life, but we are getting used to it and he is doing a wonderful job under some testing flack from certain parties. 

I completed two more cardigans for the grandies, plus I have another one, that just needs sewing together for Clara and have started another for Adam! I know that will hopefully be six cardigans in just over a month, unheard of ! It's because I have used chunky yarn so they knit up quite quick and I'm in the mood for knitting and have managed to not get too side tracked,

On the doll front loads left but also some arrived. At least more left that arrived so that was a plus. I also managed to sell  quite a few dolls clothes etc and a few props, so that's help make a difference.

Around seven Sasha/Gregors arrived over the year which is a very respectable figure, I remember when that number would arrive with three months especially after me stating I was not buying any more dolls!

These are some of the longest members of the village with only the prince being a newbie and Zak and Toby being some of my oldest Gregors, Toby was my first ever Gregor! Yes that scamp!, arrived back in 2012 wearing a pilgrim outfit and looking so very innocent! 

Well I wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year and look forward to seeing what treasures 2023 will bring us all



  1. Happy New Year! Well, hoping it will be happy but it will be a bumpy one that's for sure :)

    1. Thank you, yes it does but we'll make it

  2. Those are some really lovely cardigans. A fine looking New Year's lineup in red!

  3. Sounds like we both did well