Monday 5 December 2022


 For once I have a couple of photos ready to share! I know almost unheard of, so let's get started.

First is Lucas with Socks enjoying a ride on the sled in the snow. I'll put the other one at the end as it's not a Sasha doll.

From Simples, in the north, we have two beauties, a brunette side part and a red FCP, and even some of my favourite Emma B! 

A closer look at these beautiful girls. Now I need to go and have a lay down to recover from the shock of Simples sending in a couple of photos for the first time ;)

It appears Ursula has been inviting beautiful dolls to come and live with her, just in time for Christmas!

This young lad has already made himself at home adding one of Ursula's lovely sweaters to keep warm.

Percy and Robin have snaffled the new tartan trews that have a thin gold thread rounding through them! Percy telling me his after all is my golden boy! Percy even got his hands on the new white sweater! However, they soon lost the hats once the photo had been taken, shame I love the gnome hats

Over with Hildegard, Peter and Adelheid have been out in the snowy garden and come across a Christmas cat and a Christmas bear, who won't tell them what they are up to! Well, the bear says to ask the cat, but the cat then says He'd tell them but then he'd have to lock them up until after Christmas! So best not to know! All very strange!

Over in Gregoropolis they are already into the festive spirit, look at all their gorgeous tartan, everyone is joining in the tartan fun. Now there's the place to be this Christmas!

This is Theo, another boy in the village, taking his letter to Santa to the postbox, so Santa will know just what he'd like for Christmas. Even he is wearing this season must have   Tartan!

Many thanks to everyone who has taken part in this years doll photo days, without you all it would be pretty boring with just photos of my motley crew.

There is still time to join in.

Have a very happy Christmas.

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  1. Your crew is definitely NOT motley Sis! Wonderful selection of photos this month - Happy Holidays everyone!