Sunday 18 December 2022


 The week has been cold! Freezing in fact! Most days have not managed to make it beyond minus 2, so most of the snow that fell last Sunday night is still covering the garden and parts of the roads that don't get hit by what little sunshine we have had, long enough to melt!

So we have not been out and about much, just stayed close to home and tried to keep warm. I have only dashed in and out of the studio, turning on the heater, if I knew I would need to search for something and even just a short trip required the donning of coat and shoes, no popping out in the slippers and just a cardigan!

The post is up the swanny ( meaning in a mess/not working) They were on strike two days this week, Thursday and Friday and then no delivery on Saturday for some reason, probably because some other section was striking! It seems to me most of the UK is on strike at present.

So I have not been listing things for sale, one because of them getting caught up in the strike and another because it's Christmas and people will be spending their money elsewhere. Plus It's nice not to have to worry about sending things for a while.

Not that it's stopped me making a purchase here and there. It just means I have to wait days if not weeks for the items to arrive.

I had hoped to get on with more knitting for the grandchildren but decided I needed to do the rib in a different colourway, since I'm knitting in Aran or chunky at the moment, naturally I don't have any yarn in my multi boxes of yarn , that would suit, so had to order what I needed, so am now waiting for it's arrival! Which is not good when I want to knit! and would therefore be getting it done.

Problem with looking a wool, it's a bit like looking a dolls or their clothing, you see something nice and decide to buy it. I had been preparing myself to knit something in oran... oran  orange! For Clara because naturally she loves oran.. that colour! Well I saw this wool and thought that it was a lovely mix of yellow, grey and orange, yes that is orange not a deep yellow! Well it's as orange as I am prepared to go! So that's also on it's way, so another cardigan/ sweater to knit, once it all arrives.

One thing I did do was go through my box of wigs, looking for a suitable one for a Schoenhut doll I have, then when I changed Monica into the tartan blue and green dress, I remembered she is wigged, so spent some time trying a few wigs on her.

I quite liked her in this blue and white wig, would look better if it was pulled more forward but it wouldn't stay in place.

She then tried on this purple mohair wig, which I love but just cannot seem to put on right and always has a section that's sticking up on the crown area. But I so love this wig and really would love to find a doll to wear it. Monica quite liked it but was not sold on it. So she went back to her existing wig, I think she was relieved.

I also changed Edda, a Gotz happy kid edition in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II, seventy years on the throne.

It's odd, how we need to dress the dolls warmly lol. 

Well according to the weather forecasters, it's supposed to start warming up from today getting into double figures! Yes double! Mind you it is also going to rain most days too, but I can put up with that for some warmth, it may motivate me to get on with some doll stories that are rattling around but not happening.

So I wish you all a happy healthy and warm week ahead.


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