Sunday 11 December 2022


 Oh yes! It's cold! Them old minus temperatures are stacking up overnight now! What's that? Yes I am aware that some of you out there in this big old world are thinking, what an earth is she talking about, it's minus 10 here and I'm having to dig out five foot of fresh snow just to get to the mail box, amateur! and you would be right! 

The only thing I can be thankful for is, I've been to see the grandchildren yesterday and delivered their Christmas presents and had a lovely day. So if the weather gets any worse, which they are threatening, at least that trip's been done.

And I managed to get a cardigan for each of them, finished in time to take with me. I have more wool to knit them each another one but if they don't get them until the new year that will be fine. Since there are loads of days of postal strikes leading up to Christmas, anything sent via royal mail will probably not have not much chance of arriving any time soon! 

Naturally I have not ventured out much in this weather apart from a couple of  trips into town and the trip to see the little ones.

I have to say that we took so much with us that when we came to leave and I just had my handbag I felt like I'd forgotten something! But now the hallway is clear of Courtney's old Playmobil, which she'd asked for from the loft along with lots of my daughters old children's books, Spot goes to school, Threadbear, ( and the squeaker still works thirty seven years later) to name but two. I also decided I needed to clear out a few mugs, so four Emma B mugs also travelled with us.

Now the hallway is clear and once again tidy. 

On the doll front, I had planned on stopping selling but I did list a few items on the bazaar and

I did sell a few clothing items and shoes/trainers because I saw something I wanted and needed to raise some funds to buy it at this time of year.

Yes an elephant! I just love elephants, my favourite animal. Naturally I don't agree with them being anywhere apart from roaming the plains with their herds. But that doesn't mean I cannot love this elephant made to look like she is part of a carousel.

She is standing on the dresser for now but may move in the new year, once I have time to see the best place for her. When I bought her, the lady who wrapped her said, you can keep the wrapping for when you want to put her away! Like I'm going to put her away! lol  I really do need a bigger house! ;)

I did have a couple of pairs of blue tartan trousers and a sweater arrive from Michelle, so was able to take a photo for the blue tartans.

The reds, without the buttons who are also wearing red tartan, with Lucas now in his tartan trews.

So now it's all about heading towards the Christmas holidays , getting out the tree and decorations and re arranging the house to fit them in.

Wishing you all a happy healthy warm week ahead



  1. Oooh those cardigans are so lovely! The blue one looks so fresh, and I simply love the red one, so warm colours! And I also love elephants. This one is extraordinary to me because I also love those old carousels. Wonderful decorated! Have a wonderful third advent sunday!

    1. Thank you. I have to say the red is a beautiful colour. Yes I also love Carousel's :)

  2. The children's cardigans are fab Sis! Well done you clever OLD thing :)

    1. Why thank you. And that's Lady Old thing to you! lol