Friday 16 December 2022


 Well it should be nice and clear because it's coming up to Christmas but of course somehow It seems to have acquired a doll or two!

Well It started with Bruno, who was sitting on the window seat by the french doors but this meant when the curtains were pulled he was cut off! Naturally I couldn't leave him there, so I picked him up and that's when he saw the Carousel Elephant and wanted to have a ride.

Then he looked so happy, I just had to leave him there for a while.

Then I needed to remove Edda of Edinburgh from her box, she'd been stuck there for about two weeks waiting for when I had some time to deal with her and her wee dog Jock. So I left her there for a moment until I have time to find her a change of clothes.

But she take Jock out to do his business and also to go and buy a Christmas wreath for the dolls.

Monica landed up standing in the jug, so I'd remember I want to take another photo of all the dolls in the blue tartan clothing. So that's how three dolls and a small scotty dog have landed up just where they are not meant to be! 


  1. Bruno looks wonderful on the elephant. I think some of the other kids are going to want carousel animals too now.

    1. If they were to bring out another one each Christmas, I may be tempted to get a few more.